Wierd response wrt US International keyboard

Thys-deWet wrote on 6/11/2019, 10:40 AM

I'm using the US-International keyboard setting to allow me to use diacritical characters (Ü, ü, Ê, ê, etc).
I'm from South Africa, where we make extensive use of the diacritical characters.

Today after render completion in VMS Platinum 16 and after burning to DVD DVD Architect, I discovered that the use of the diacritical characters were lost. None of the text editing programs (LibreOffice Document Writer, or email) keyboard functioned correctly
Rebooting my laptop brought back full use of diacritical charaters.
Any pointers/issues I need to look at before reporting this weird behaviour to support?

I'm using a Dell 3567 with Win 10 Pro 64, i7, 8Gb Ram, 256Mb SSD.




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