Ted_H wrote on 11/12/2001, 8:35 AM
There will not be a CD Architect 5.0. CD Architect was discontinued in September of 2000.

BrentA wrote on 11/12/2001, 9:42 AM

Will Redbook DAO writing be added to the next rev of SoundForge (maybe 5.5?) or is the Vegas line the only Sonic Foundry product that will write Redbook DAO?

For a user like myself who owns SoundForge 4.5, 5.0, CD Architect and NR, what kind of pricing am I looking at for Video Vegas 3?

TIA for the info. Regards, Brent
Ted_H wrote on 11/13/2001, 2:25 PM
At this time, Vegas is the only Sonic Foundry product to offer DAO. It is not known if this functionality will be incorporated into our other programs. Pricing for Vegas Video has not been finalized yet. We have not offered product upgrades from one family to another in the past.

philokeefe wrote on 11/14/2001, 5:38 AM
Hey Ted, I d/l the Vegas 3.0 beta and it looks pretty sweet. I know VA 3.0 will be out later (few months or whatever), but when you say "no product upgrades from one product to another" does that include me going from Vegas Audio 2.0 to Vegas Video 3.0? IF the pricing is right, I'd rather just get VV, even though I am pretty much a audio only guy... if for no other reason than the inclusion of CD-A.

I sure hope that VV is up for sale before the beta runs out - or at about the same time! :)


Phil O'Keefe
Sound Sanctuary Recording
Riverside CA

Ted_H wrote on 11/14/2001, 9:43 AM
Upgrades from Vegas Audio to Vegas Video will be offered since those are considered to be from the same product family. We don't usually offer upgrade paths from other Sonic Foundry products (i.e. Sound Forge -> Vegas).