Win 10 how to possibly avoid Vegas crashes (?)

ritsmer wrote on 8/21/2016, 8:11 AM
Since I installed Win 10 here nothing much works any more. Fortunately I can use my Win 7 laptop for scanning, audio recording etc.
Not so fortunately Vegas Pro 13 "stops working" like crazy...

Current Win 10 build: 14393 (after Anniversary)

Then I noticed that the content (picture) in the preview window from time to time shifted a few millimeters - often in combination with Windows changing picture in the background slideshow - so that the content after some times of shifting got positioned even a little outside the preview window frame.

Then I got the idea that the Windows 10 slideshow might be the culprit in my excessive Vegas Crashes and changed the Win 10 background from slideshow to single picture and then booted the machine... hoping the best...

That was yesterday - and since then Vegas has not crashed one single time - working busily with the very same projects and media as before yesterday when Vegas crashed all the time...

I do have other heavy programs also with preview windows etc. like for animation and so on - but they have nut suffered under this issue at all.

Some Googling today shows that other people also have improved their PC's reliability by switching to single pic background - i.e.:

Other threads about problems with Windows Shell Experience Host suggested that previous issues with this process were somehow connected to having the desktop background on slideshow (seriously!?). So for the heck of it, I switched my desktop background to a static image and I can't be sure, but it does seem like performance is better, i.e., the action center/taskbar/start menu issues are not happening. For example, after switching to a static desktop background and restarting, I'm getting notification sounds again (which previously wasn't the case) and action center seems to be showing notifications more frequently and without hanging.