Windows 10 and Vegas Pro 12

Richard Jones wrote on 6/1/2016, 5:44 AM
I receive and always dismiss a daily reminder to upgrade from Windows 7 to !0 but yesterday I must have pressed something inadvertently and found myself with Windows 10 as my OS. Thought I'd give it a try but found that, although I could open DVDA 6 I couldn't open Vegas Pro 12. On exploring the issue I found that Vegas wasn't compatible and that, even using the option to use Windows 7 compatibility for this programme within Windows 10, I still couldn't open my precious editor. .Grrrr!! (As an aside I also had a problem with Excel but that's another story!)

The long and short of it is that I've reverted back to Windows 7 --- fortunately you are give a short period in which you can do this merely by pressing a few buttons within Windows 10. I then found I had to renew my Microsoft Office account to get Word and Excel working again and was fortunate to be able to find the License Key for this. Vegas is working now, thank goodness, and I haven't lost the project I was editing when I had my finger trouble.

What a total waste of a day and a half!!! Fortunately the weather here near London was wet and cold even though we're into June so there was no temptation to go out --- lol for this anyway.



DeadRadioStar wrote on 6/1/2016, 6:26 AM
My experience of doing this type of upgrade is that many applications that rely on online activation need to be re-installed and reactivated. I'm not sure about VP12 but VP13 works perfectly on Windows 10. I'm sure there are others who will be able to verify or otherwise the situation with regard to VP12.

Perhaps you can send the bill to Microsoft for wasting your time. The manner in which they are cajoling people to do this upgrade is utterly irresponsible.
OldSmoke wrote on 6/1/2016, 6:33 AM
VP12 works fine here in Windows 10 Pro. I recommend to do a clean install of Windos 10 rather then an update. Many others here have experienced issue with the upgrade and reported great results after a clean install. Just make sure you install the correct Windows 10 version, 64bit of course for VP12.

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TeetimeNC wrote on 6/1/2016, 7:20 AM
I did inplace upgrade from 7 to 10 on two PCs and VP12 has worked as well as it did on 7, no better, no worse.

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Former user wrote on 6/1/2016, 7:41 AM
You probaby didn't do anything to install windows. The web is full of information about how MS is forcing an upgrade. I found a program called Never10 that will stop your computer from upgrading.

I have been using Vegas 12 on windows 10 for several months with no problem. You probably need to reinstall it so it can reactivate.
Richard Jones wrote on 6/2/2016, 6:01 AM
Thanks for your comments, guys.

I've now heard of other cases where Microsoft has updated the OS to Windows 10 without being prompted to do so which means they have hijacked your computer for their purposes --- something I dislike intensely but fortunately they give you the option to revert to your old OS, albeit within a limited time.

I'm glad I've got back to Windows 7 and that everything seems to be working as it was. I would have been reluctant to do a clean install of Windows 10 as this would have meant re-formatting the disc and so led to me having to install all my programmes again (a time consuming and annoying process). Deleting and re-installing Vegas 12 would also have been time consuming and might have resulted in my losing some or all of my Plug Ins from such as AV Colour Lab, Federick Baumann, New Blue and ProDad as well as one or two others. In short, trying to get Windows 10 to work would have been just too much trouble, especially as things were already working perfectly well on Windows7.

At least I can anow dd my name to the long list of people who have stood up to the might of Microsoft::)