Windows dv camera and vcr not found

papabernadino wrote on 10/13/2004, 3:35 PM
Having not used my vegas 4.0 in a while, you can imagine my suprise when i come back to edit a school project and whenever I try to capture video from my camera (through firewire) it said "Cannot open windows dv camera and vcr", I tried other capture programs and they all give me pretty much the same message, I searched for a download of the windows dv camera and vcr drivers but to no avail, I then tried the advice on the support page for vegas 4.0 and that didnt work either, if anyone can help it would be much appreciated, now I'm going to have to edit it all at my friends house.


Spot|DSE wrote on 10/13/2004, 3:47 PM
I'd recommend going to Control Panel, removing the 1394 drivers, then telling Windows to scan for changes in hardware, letting it reinstall drivers.
Could also be a cable, and the rare possibility of it being a bad card.
SonyEPM wrote on 10/13/2004, 4:54 PM
Are you running Windows XP SP2?

What camera are you using?

What 1394 card?
newhope wrote on 10/14/2004, 11:30 PM
I'm having a similar problem with Vegas 5.
I get a data communication error and cannot capture from my DSR-30P but can get it to capture from my PD-150P and Panasonic DX-100EN cameras.
This problem has only been obvious after installing Windows XP SP2 but I have tried my deck to another computer running WinXp SP2 and Liquid Edition 5.5 software and it works normally.
My capture card is a Pinnacle Pro-ONE RTDV ( though I also have a firewire port on the motherboard of my ASUS motherboard and it won't work either)
Prior to SP2 install everything was fine with Vegas 5 and Vegas 4 before it. I didn't immediately test capture after the SP2 install so don't know if it is the problem.
All help greatfully accepted as I'm stumped.
Stany wrote on 10/15/2004, 3:51 AM
I don't think this problem is hardware related. There have been reports from (PAL) users who could no longer capture video in several NLE's... After having installed SP2 Vegas capture didn't work for me either. I tried to capture (firewire) from a Sony DHR-1000 deck and several Sony cameras but nothing worked. The problem was reported to Microsoft and was confirmed as a bug. You can find the details on the MS Moviemaker forum:

It appears that changes have been made to msdv.dll. There is a workaround (it worked for me) by replacing msdv.sys with the version prior to SP2. Details are in the link above.
Hope this helps!
newhope wrote on 4/14/2005, 6:34 AM

It did help and was the problem... a ver belated thanks!!!!

Stephen hope
SonyTSW wrote on 4/14/2005, 7:56 PM
There is also a Knowledge Base article with similar instructions on how to roll back to an older MSDV.SYS.

Problems capturing from DV devices after installing Windows XP Service Pack 2

Unfortunately, the MS patch link in the KB article seems to be dead now. That patch didn't work for me, anyway, when I started having problems on my home WinXP SP2 machine (VidCap froze at startup). But rolling back to the old MSDV.SYS did get my captures working again.