WMV : audio not synch'd to video...

FuTz wrote on 4/20/2005, 6:46 PM

I rendered this video clip to AVI and MOV with no problems but when I try to render to WMV, the audio is unsynchronized... about 2 seconds I'd say...
Plus, I have this "Border fx" very tiny line around the clip and when rendered in this format too, the top line is missing... baaad : (
What aobut it? I rendered several times with this format with no problems but now... ???
Vegas 5 and specs on my profile...

thanks for help


FuTz wrote on 4/21/2005, 6:55 AM

-re-placing the master file on another (internal) drive
-rendering from AVI Uncompressed, AVI (NTSC DV)
-different settings for the WMV file: both audio and video settings
-re-booting the computer 2-3 times

Still this delay between audio and video... ???!
B_JM wrote on 4/21/2005, 7:04 AM
try playing it on another computer - it may be your system that is introducing the delay

not unheard of ..
FuTz wrote on 4/21/2005, 7:28 AM

I'll try but with the same player on my comp' (Windows Media Player) I play AVIs with no problem. With QT, I play MOVs with no problem...

But I'll sure try this B JM. Maybe it's the way it handles the codec...

What's curious is that it's the first time it does that...
B_JM wrote on 4/21/2005, 7:35 AM
well - it WOULD be not very common....

download some wmv samples and see how they play ..

make sure to try both cbr and vbr samples (or make both yourself) , make sure you are running the latest DirectX ..

do you have an audio card ? or are you using on onboard audio device?

if a card, update drivers and move card to another location (slot) , if onboard , update firmware , drivers - check settings in bios..

we shall track down the problem somehow ..

video and audio follow two different paths after the splitter - you might want to play with graphedit and see if you notice something unusual there .. compare to working codecs ..

logiquem wrote on 4/21/2005, 8:18 AM
Did you try different audio interleaving encoding options?

Never had problems mysefl with wmv encoding from Vegas
pelladon wrote on 4/21/2005, 9:38 AM
Quick question: is the AVI source interlaced? Try changing the deintelace to "blend" in Project properties. Or "interpolated" if originally on "blend". This might make a difference on that border fx problem.
FuTz wrote on 4/21/2005, 12:24 PM

I tried interlaced, progressive, CBR, VBR different settings.

BUT, you mentionned something: I got a new sound card. M-Audio FireWire 410 which has caused me a few problems since I got it, despite the nice reviews this card got in the past... mind me: no more belief in reviews.
And since I got this card, both my 1394 AND USB ports seem to behave like crazy. Pain you-know-where.
It's more that probably the culprit...
B_JM wrote on 4/21/2005, 12:35 PM
there is something about soundcards ......

witness the years of angst with creative soundcards
pelladon wrote on 4/21/2005, 1:13 PM
speaking of WMV, why does it always put the same title and author on all of the wmv's it renders???? It's V6 I'm talking about. Is it because I'm running the trial version?
SonyTSW wrote on 4/21/2005, 9:16 PM
> speaking of WMV, why does it always put the same title and author on all of the wmv's it renders????

You need to set them in your project properties summary, using File | Properties | Summary tab (just like in Vegas 5).

Or perhaps you are using a custom WMV template in which the summary text is set to some text and this is not set in the project properties? The rule to remember here is that non-blank project summary text is always used in preference over the corresponding template summary text in renders.

WMV is one of the few formats that do allow you to set the summary information in a custom template. WMA, MP3, and RealMedia are the other commonly-used formats that support this feature.
pelladon wrote on 4/21/2005, 9:24 PM
Thanks for the tip!