Working with several audio cards / adapters ?

DiDequ wrote on 10/9/2014, 4:02 AM

I cannot use more than one audio card in the same project.

Using the Tascam US 600 with my 4 microphones :

in Preferences -> audio , I have to choose the US-600 audio
it's weird : I cannot select the soundblaster desktop audio card output (we can do this with cubase)
The advanced tab does't help :

My 4 microphones do record properly their own music :

I cannot use the Creative Asio with the Us600 asio driver - I cannot microphones plugged on this audio card.

I can use more than one midi adapter :
But I cannot use mid files (same with V12)

My question : can we use more than one audio device in a Vegas project ?
How can I route the audio out to another adapter ?
I would certainly use Vegas for audio recordings instead of Cubase !

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

The img=http://path to picture tagging option does not work as explained here :
(I've added the 4 pictures above those last 3 lines and nothing appears.)


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