WOT: Javascript Help

GeeBax wrote on 6/16/2015, 12:25 AM
I have a pet project that documents old wooden railway bridges on my web site, however the user interface is clunky and needs an injection of sophistication. I am looking to see if there is anyone expert in JavaScript who would be prepared to help get the site looking better and set me on a better course. As you would expect, I cannot afford to pay for help, but nevertheless if you are willing to assist, please email me.

For those who are curious: http://www.hollywoodfoundry.com/Abandoned%20Photos.html


Kit wrote on 6/16/2015, 4:28 AM
I'm just working on polishing up an old website at the moment. Can you be a bit specific as to what you are aiming to do? Why Javascript? What about CSS? What is your aim, to make a responsive site? Cheers.

GeeBax wrote on 6/16/2015, 5:32 AM
Thank you for replying Kit, the page works fine for me except for a couple of things, the slow loading of the photos, which need to be high quality, but are not all that large, about 300KB. But the interface is not that good, rather than a link for each photo, I would rather have a slideshow format with arrows to move through the shots and a small strip at the bottom that allows you to select them directly.

There are quite a few web sites that use this sort of presentation, but I am not familiar enough with the code to reproduce the effect.

Why JavaScript? really only the fact that the Google Maps API is built around it.