Would anyone be interested?

BillyBoy wrote on 1/10/2004, 1:02 PM
Books are fine for learning, so too CD's, video tapes. But hands-on real time from a web page walking you through a tutorial as you actually interact with the tutorial seeing and even doing yourself some of the steps live from the web page I think at least, would be helpful.

The question is if I start that kind a monster project (already tested it out at a primative level, can be done with Flash) would anyone be interesting in a subscription site where you paid a modest fee?


jcg wrote on 1/10/2004, 1:05 PM
Depending on the subjects covered and subscription price, definitely yes. I would need more advanced material to subscribe - probably wouldn't if it was more toward the beginner user. Thanks for all you do, BillyBoy.

dara wrote on 1/10/2004, 2:29 PM
I agree w/ jcg; however I'm colser to the beginner end. I'd be interested in not only the technical aspects but also the artistic dos and don'ts
mark2929 wrote on 1/10/2004, 2:31 PM
Sounds like a good Idea. Sounds like a job for PayPal ! Also as long as you could pay once and redo the same tutorial. But that is included in the term subscription ? I think this a very innovative idea. Hope it works. Good luck Billy Boy.
MUTTLEY wrote on 1/10/2004, 3:17 PM
A great idea me thinks, but not an easy task. It would truly have to be feature rich ( lots of pictures, video clips etc ). Also think that there's a chance you might be disappointed if things from there start showing up on the boards. Not that this would be intentional, but obviously if someone had a question over here or on one of the other Vegas/DV boards and something you had posted was relevant people would most likely share those tips and/or solutions. As is often the case with me, I don't even always remember where I picked something up so I think good natured people would be inclined to share just trying to help. Knowing you from the boards and your sites I doubt this would bother you to much, but is something to consider.

I'm always down for learning, and as I helped build a distance learning site for Texas alcohol servers certification I know the value of it. I also know that it's not always easy. I think the Texas Restaurant Association ended up spending over 100k plus by the time it was finished ( they had a lot of security and authentication aspects as it is a state certification, not something you would have to deal with. ).

I've always found your stuff to be greatly helpful and would love to see you profit from your experience. I would just hate to see you go through all the tremendous effort of building something like this and not get the response you may desire. With all that said, I'd be down to trying it if it ever comes to fruition.

- Ray


BillyBoy wrote on 1/10/2004, 7:20 PM
So far I'm just thinking out loud, I don't even know if I will go the subscription route or not, maybe, maybe not and for sure not all the site if I do.

Remember that funny science finction movie Short Circut 1-2 where that robot was struck by lightening or something and well, he was "alive", and he kept saying 'need input', that the phase I'm in now.
mark2929 wrote on 1/11/2004, 1:45 AM
I Think its a risk. It may be a winning Money Spinner in the end or it could end up dead as a dodo. So I think you have to decide. Can you afford to waste time on this and be happy about all the knowledge you gain ? If so then give it a go. if it dosent work I for one will say "well done for trying something new".But If it is taking up time in other areas that are important then perhaps do it on a trial small scale without charging or concentrate on writing new tutorials. I hope this makes a contribution to weighing it all up I think its important to have fun with it If you did go for it.