Writing CD-Text with PA-760a

Weka wrote on 6/11/2007, 10:41 AM
Here's a curious one folks. If you're bored and have nothing better to do, I'd appreciate your thoughts.

I've been cheerfully writing CD-text to my Sony burner for some time now without issue.

However, I recently bought a new SATA machine with Plextor PA-760A writer built in.
Initially I could write CD-Text from CDA (5.2) to the Plextor which my Rega CD player would read, but recently CD-Text stopped being detected by the CD player.

Any commercial CD and any CD with CD-Text written by the Sony will show up - but not from the Plextor. So it's hard to blame the CD player.

BUT, if I rip a CD burned by the Plextor, it will show as having CD text in (say) CDEX. So it's there and it's not there.

In other words, the Sony will write CD text that the player will read but the Plextor wont. BTW, I've updated to firmware to no avail.

Clearly, this is no biggie as I continue to write with the Sony via firewire but I'm wondering what more there is to CD text that I don't know!
Many thanks


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