WWOT: Macbook driving two monitors via HDMI DA

RalphM wrote on 1/12/2015, 1:50 PM
We regularly use a very modest PC laptop to drive two 70 inch sharp TVs for displaying graphics. The PC feeds a cheapie HDMI distribution amplifier.

When we try to use a MacBook Pro to do this (display port to HDMI converter to HDMI DA), we can drive only one TV. If we try to include the second TV, both TVs just flash. We're suspecting the issue lies in the way the Mac handles the HDCP handshake. Anyone experienced this?



Rob Franks wrote on 1/12/2015, 4:58 PM
Is the distro amp HDCP friendly?
RalphM wrote on 1/12/2015, 6:40 PM
I believe the DA is HDCP compliant. It takes about 5 or 6 seconds for the monitors to come up after turn on, which I believe is the time necessary for the HDCP handshake to occur.
[r]Evolution wrote on 1/16/2015, 3:20 PM
matrox dualhead2go
RalphM wrote on 1/16/2015, 11:24 PM
Thanks for the replies - will research the Matrox.