Yamaha 8424

rokka wrote on 12/18/2000, 3:15 PM
Well, after months of waiting for a new CDA upgrade, I can
only express my total dissapointment after reading about
discontinuing CD Architect. I purchased a new faster cd
writer almost 1 year ago to find out that CDA didn't
support it and after contacting SF I have been waiting for
the upgrade that would be released "shortly". I've been a
faithful SF customer for years and I am currently a user of
Sound Forge 4.5 and Acid Pro 2.0 as well as plug ins and
Acid Loops (all purchased). I have been a happy customer,
specially because of the constant support of the software I
have invested in. I depend on this software to do my work
on a daily basis and I have felt abandoned since I
purchased a faster writer only to find out that I could not
use it with CDA. It is a disloyalty to the SF customers to
discontinue support to a software before offering an
alternative or "solution". I sincerely hope that whenever
new software hits the market to replace CDA, SF offers its
customers a real "deal" since the money already spent on
this software has been totally wasted.

I have written this note to join other disappointed
customers in the same position, in an effort to make SF do
the "right thing".


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