Yes, I really would like to burn another disc!

MaleXLR wrote on 1/11/2015, 6:34 PM
In January 2011 I had a strange experience - Sony "support" actually responded to a question about creating more than one CD. They gave suggestions that ultimately didn't work, but is was marked as "solved" anyway.

I now have a different computer and CD writer, but the same problem.

I don't often make multiple copies, but if I have a Master CD I always like to do a clone of the master at the same time in case the glass master produces something unexpected and I need to compare the end results with the master.

However, even writing two CDs, after I get the message "The burn operation was successful. Would you like to burn another disc?", the next write will often either fail immediately or part way through.

(The message itself is sometimes ironic because I have had cases were the CD is blank towards the end, and other cases were the CD is totally blank except for a table of contents)

If I answer "No" and restart the burning I get a much higher rate of success.

In the case of my Master and "Clone of Master", for each I usually cold boot the computer and do nothing else but go right into CD Architect so that the process for each is as similar as I can get it.


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