Youtube channel concerns

judelaw wrote on 10/3/2018, 10:38 PM

Good morning everyone!

I have a question that is off Vegas topic but that might concern some of us here. It's about youtube channels on which I put my videos. I have TWO youtube channels on TWO DIFFERENT GOOGLE ACCOUNTS. I have two of them because from time to time I get strikes and channel termination from reports of angry people whom my video content displeases. Two separate channels allow me to have one published channel, and one channel for backup with all my videos, their description, and their thumbnails on it .

Recently I did the mistake to use the same phone number to validate both youtube channels, and it's seems I can't undo it. So I wonder : If one youtube channel gets terminated , will the second one also be automatically deleted in the process ?

Thank you, and sorry for the offtopic.


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