Zoom not working as anticipated

Brew wrote on 6/30/2019, 10:37 AM

Hello all,

Longtime novice Vegas user, recently updated to version 16. I have a short .mp4 piece of dash cam footage of a Grizzly bear crossing the road in front of us... I watched a tutorial, to confirm my procedure. I trimmed the video, selected pan/crop via a right-click on the video and the pan/crop window appears. The problem is that no matter what I do within the pan/crop dialog, the changes or effects are not applied to my video, either in the video preview window or on playback. Am I missing something???




KenB wrote on 7/2/2019, 9:28 AM

Rather than watching a tutorial for a really old version of Movie Studio, have you tried clicking on "Show Me How" in VMS 16? Under "Editing Video and Still Images" select "How to Crop, Scale and Rotate Video". See if that helps.