Google reCaptcha FAQ


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why is "reCaptcha" not appearing?

Make sure that the Google web services are not blocked by your browser.
Usually if "reCAPTCHA" is not displayed, it is due to the security settings of your browser or firewall, which do not allow the execution of the required Google services.
In this case we recommend to temporarily set the Windows security settings to default, try a different browser or manually unblock the Google services.

Why am I being asked for a "reCAPTCHA" query?

"reCAPTCHA" is a free google service designed to protect websites from spam and other types of potential abuse.
While "reCAPTCHA" very reliably blocks all kinds of bots, normal users can easily be let through with a few clicks.
"reCAPTCHA" is only displayed if our site does not identify you (deleted cookies) or Google notices unusual activity on the server.