How to install "NewblueFx Elements Overlay"



  • . Download & installation

After activating the Content package, this plugin can be downloaded by going to "Effects" > "Extra Effects" in the Media Pool.

Once the download has finished, you should see the serial number and the name of the downloaded plugin on the right.

There is no specific header in the Media Pool's effects window for "NewblueFx Elements Overlay".

The following effects are contained in this plugin:

  1. Flying Picture-in-Picture
  2. Image Mapper
  3. Picture Grid
  4. Picture-in-Picture
  5. Picture-in-Shape
  6. Split Screen

These effects are listed as individual tiles under "NewblueFx Elements" in the Effects tab.

To start using the plugin, click "Activate" on the right.
Once the activation has finished, you can use the plugin without restriction.