Updating / Configuring "MAGIX Update Notifier" (Connect)


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Using "MAGIX Update Notifier" (Connect) allows you to ..

  1. Connect your smartphone via your local WiFi network seamlessly to your PC to allow for simple transfer of photos and videos from your smartphone. 
  2. Quickly and easily download media from Microsoft One Drive and edit it further in your favorite MAGIX program.
  3. Subscribe for product information about your MAGIX programs and avoid missing out on new software updates and special offers.

How to configure "MAGIX Update Notifier" (Connect):

  1. Start "MAGIX Update Notifier" (Connect) and select the option "Info channels". 
  2. Click on the desired programs to select whether corresponding product notifications should be shown or hidden. 
  3. You are also able to configure the automatic start up settings for "MAGIX Update Notifier" (Connect).

How to update "MAGIX Update Notifier" (Connect)

"MAGIX Update Notifier" (Connect) offers you the following update options:


"MAGIX Update Notifier" (Connect) regularly checks for program updates. Should an update be available, the following notification will appear:

Just click on the notification to start the installation procedure.

Manual update (Only for older versions up to 2.6 )

If you are using an older application version or there are problems with the automatic update, you should first install "Connect basic version 3.0". You can download the updated base version from the following link: 

After downloading, start the file and follow the instructions displayed during installation.
This version of "MAGIX Update Notifier" (Connect) includes automatic updating.

Disable Pop-Up-Ads

When an ad appears, simply click on the small gear icon and select "Do not show this ad again" or "Do not show ads again".