Magix Vegas Pro 14 VideoFX Guide

set schrieb am 16.03.2017 um 18:31 Uhr

When we see our VideoFX list in Vegas Pro 14, we are seeing all FXs sorted by alphabet, from A to Z. Sometimes you are getting confused which FX to use.

So, I try to categorize these FXs, based on their primary uses. Hope this chart and guide can help everyone when choosing the FXs.

More detailed Information can be downloaded on the PDF.

MagixVegasPro14FX Set CategoryList.pdf


james-ollick schrieb am 16.03.2017 um 21:19 Uhr

Thank you Set.


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walter-i. schrieb am 16.03.2017 um 21:35 Uhr

Thank yo set - very good job.
Good to have this overview.
Would be smart, if Magix would take this sort in VP 15

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3POINT schrieb am 22.03.2017 um 10:07 Uhr

It would be nice when users also could make their own favorites FX list in the Video FX tab instead of wrestling each time through the complete FX list. To make a own favorites FX list is only possible in the Plugin Chooser.

ushere schrieb am 23.03.2017 um 01:01 Uhr

thanks... well done

saeed schrieb am 23.03.2017 um 09:42 Uhr

We appreciate the effort, thanks.

FireStorm schrieb am 26.04.2017 um 16:56 Uhr

Wow, this is awesome.  Well done.  I thought I was the only one who had problems navigating effects.  This makes it so much easier.  Thank you.

MattJ. schrieb am 17.08.2017 um 14:42 Uhr

Set, Very helpful, Thank you

obimad schrieb am 25.08.2017 um 19:54 Uhr

Very nice, thank you ...


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Ehemaliger User schrieb am 02.09.2017 um 10:06 Uhr

Very nice Set, thanks. I guess the new Luts go int the topmost section.

uk-andrew-c schrieb am 29.10.2017 um 11:26 Uhr

Please add the ability to create user folders, and copy FX into them. I know you can do this in plug-in manager, but that doesn't list the presets.

Or speed up the search, so that it is useable for filtering FX

karma17 schrieb am 13.07.2018 um 07:59 Uhr

Have you made any updates to this? This is a very helpful because this type of organizational chart helps you to figure out which effects might be helpful to solve a certain problem versus just looking at the whole list of 65 effects and not knowing what to do. In other words, it is like have a mechanic's tool box with everything in its place versus just having a box with a bunch of tools thrown in it. In looking at this list, I have the categories down to:

Artistic, Color Correction, Image Clarity, Lighting, Special Video Effects, and Utility.

I realize this is only a rough tool because technically most of these effects could be said to be used artistically and many tools have more than one purpose. But still, this is a very helpful way of organizing the effects, so mentally you know which effects could be most helpful to the situation.


zdogg schrieb am 03.09.2018 um 20:29 Uhr

Nice, thanks!!