3840x1080 render required

jim-a wrote on 6/1/2019, 10:55 PM

Hello wise ones,

I am using 2 x 60 inch 1920x1080 LCD screens as a band backdrop.

I have been rendering to a standard 16:9 Prores .MOV file for playback via Qlab & running the output via a matrox triplehead2go which obviously stuffs up the aspect ratio. (Apart from the aspect, it all works & looks great)

So after rebuilding the edit as a 1380x1080 file, I now cannot find any way to render said file in Vegas pro 14.

A mate can render that size in Premier so I was wondering if maybe Vegas Pro 16 can do it.

I’ve tried looking at the Magix site to see if it can do it but I can’t find that info anywhere.

Any ideas please ?




john_dennis wrote on 6/1/2019, 11:45 PM

Use AVI and define any pixel dimension you want less than 4096x4096.

jim-a wrote on 6/2/2019, 12:24 AM

Ahhh huh... thanks John_dennis.

For the life of me, I didn’t see that custom config line. Think I was scrolling down the menu & not up ??? Dunno but just rendering a test now... fingers crossed.

Thank you so much again.



wwaag wrote on 6/2/2019, 1:01 AM

Just a short note to say that you are not restricted to avi files which are usually pretty large. You can also define custom frame sizes for most other codecs including Sony AVC and MainConcept AVC. Usually the only restriction is that the frame size dimensions (width and height) are each divisible by 2.

jim-a wrote on 6/2/2019, 4:15 AM

Yep, noticed that & have successfully made ProRes files for Qlab.

All is good with the world again, thank you both.