mpg file sound track absent on timeline

Charles-Wolf wrote on 5/10/2022, 2:56 PM

I have just started using Vegas 17 on my newer hp desktop running Windows 11. My video camera makes mpg's that have sound and narration and play OK in Windows Media Player; but when I put my movie clips on the Vegas timeline, there is no sound. The movie is totally silent. I don't want to "add a soundtrack," because it's already supposedly there. I just want Vegas to recognize it! What am I doing wrong?


Musicvid wrote on 5/10/2022, 3:15 PM

What am I doing wrong?

Probably nothing; post your MediaInfo properties so we can advise properly.

vkmast wrote on 5/10/2022, 3:26 PM

Also, are you using the last update of VEGAS Pro 17? (A download link here.)

EricLNZ wrote on 5/10/2022, 4:52 PM

As this is a post in the Movie Studio forum @Charles-Wolf please clarify whether are you using Vegas Pro 17 or Vegas Movie Studio 17?

vkmast wrote on 5/10/2022, 6:07 PM

Indeed. If it is VMS 17 Platinum, are you using the last build 223? (A download link here.)