3rd party plugins don;t work in Vegas 18

Digital_Mixes wrote on 4/6/2021, 4:48 AM

Digital_Mixes wrote on 4/6/2021, 3:41 PM

OK so by going direct to the download I was able to download and install the update to VP18. Great, build 4. I tried using it and it is still buggy crashing approximately every 20 minutes or so but more importantly I still don't have access to my Hitfilm Ignite, Colourfast or BCC plugins Nothing I do installing or re-installing these plugins solves the problem. So I output my project as an EDL and import it into VP16. I lose some information from the edit as you can imagine which I spent an hour or so fixing but now all my plugins are working and not one crash in over three hours of editing. All my plugins work for VP12 and 14 btw. There is a PROBLEM with 18. Anyone else have similar problems, found any solutions? looking like I wasted my money updating, I have work to do so am sticking with VP16. Disappointing.

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Dexcon wrote on 4/6/2021, 5:02 AM

All 3rd party plugins working for me in VP18 build 482 as expected including ColorFast 2 and BCC 2021.

Perhaps try resetting VP18 back to its default settings as per https://www.vegascreativesoftware.info/us/forum/faq-how-can-i-reset-vegas-pro-to-default-settings--104646/ making sure that the 'clear cache' checkbox is checked as part of that process.

BTW, did all these 3rd party plugins work in the previous builds of VP18? Or have you just purchased VP18? If the latter, the only version of Ignite Pro that works in VP17 and VP18 is version 4.1.

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Reyfox wrote on 4/8/2021, 3:15 AM

I second what @Dexcon wrote. Ignite Pro 4.1/5 work fine. Boris Continuum 2021 works too. NBFX Colorfast (and Colorfast 2) also work without a problem in VP18, 17, 16, and 15.

What version of BCC are you using? I would think that since Vegas looks in the same folder location of the OFX plugins and is working for VP16, that working in VP18 (except Ignite) should not be an issue.

jetdv wrote on 4/8/2021, 8:47 AM

All NewBlue plugins are compatible with any VEGAS version that supports OFX including Vegas Pro 18 - where they are working fine on my system as well.

If you have them installed and they are not showing up, I would recommend clearing your Vegas plugin cache:

Close Vegas, Delete plugin_manager_cache.bin and svfx_plugin_cache.bin from C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Local\VEGAS Pro\{version#}, then retest.

Keep in mind that the "App Data" folder is probably a "Hidden" folder so you will need to have Windows "Show Hidden Folders".