3TB Disk Partition S/w needed

Grazie wrote on 2/17/2015, 10:54 AM
I've leapt - rather more stumbled - across the 2TB divide . . . . I need to make partitions to make use of that extra TB on a newly purchased Hitachi 3TB. - Choices of s/w to do the partitions of 1.5TB + 1.5TB? Links? Try-outs?




wwjd wrote on 2/17/2015, 10:58 AM
I've used this before (free)


to resize live discs. worked great and I would use it again
Grazie wrote on 2/17/2015, 11:42 AM
Eh? . . . That link takes me to Partition Master, not Manager. And reading the Help File I don't see an option to create that further Partition that's not allocated. This is what the Help file says:

To Create Partitions:

The Create Partion Toolset, quoted, is missing - ugh . . . .


craftech wrote on 2/17/2015, 12:05 PM
Check to see if your system's BIOS supports 3TB. If doesn't, you'll need to obtain a BIOS update.

You can check to see whether that drive is being properly recognized by booting up the system and looking in the BIOS to verify that the capacity is correctly reported.

Windows cannot address a hard drive of the MBR type bigger than 2TB. It can, however address a larger drive using the GPT type.
If you right click on the tab on the left of the partitions you will get a popup menu, select "convert to GPT", this will allow you to address and format the whole of the drive.

Grazie wrote on 2/17/2015, 12:14 PM
The BIOS thing I'll look into. But, I was wanting to use the 3TB as a removable drive. I've been reading that the GPT gets ruined as a removable, and that MBR is the only way to go.

Thanks John
wwjd wrote on 2/17/2015, 12:17 PM
hmmmm I dunno, when I used it, I took one disk, and split it keeping all the files, segmenting off the OS drive. might have changed the format from fat32 to ntfs also. it seemed very handy for free. maybe they changed it and sell it now?
There are many other free tools like that out there to be googled
johnmeyer wrote on 2/17/2015, 1:58 PM
Seagate has information on various solutions:

Beyond 2TB

Most computers that use BIOS cannot be upgraded, and you have to load some sort of software at boot time. I use the Seagate disc wizard, and it lets me use a 3TB drive on my older computer. I didn't need any unusual formatting or partitioning software. The only downside is that I cannot make a single 3 TB partition, but since you already wanted to partition the drive into <2TB partitions, this won't matter.

Download and install took less than one minute, and I've been using the computer for about five months, and I haven't discovered any downsides.

Grazie wrote on 2/17/2015, 2:04 PM
John: "but since you already wanted to partition the drive into <2TB partitions,"
It wasn't that, I wasn't given a choice! I had to take what was given me in Windoze7, and that was only <=2TB. If I could have had 3TB I'd have taken it and moved on, and not bothered anybody here.

I'm still perturbed with all this. I understand Win10 bounces over this road bump?


johnmeyer wrote on 2/17/2015, 5:17 PM
I assume you have Googled this. First hit on my Google search was this Microsoft page:

Windows support for hard disks that are larger than 2 TB

The following excerpts from this article tell you most of what you need to know:

In order for an operating system to fully support storage devices that have capacities that exceed 2 terabytes (2 TB, or 2 trillion bytes), the device must be initialized by using the GUID partition table (GPT) partitioning scheme ... the issue that affects GPT is that most currently available systems are based on the aging BIOS platform. BIOS supports only MBR-initialized disks to start the computer.

So, as I stated in my previous post, this is not a Windows issue (anything beyond XP can work), but instead is a computer hardware issue. I don't know if a BIOS upgrade will let your particular computer deal with 3 TB as one partition, but I doubt it. I'm sure it is very easy to go to the vendor's web site and find out.

The fix I already posted will let you use the entire storage capacity, albeit as two partitions. That's probably the best you'll be able to do until you buy a computer that has direct GPT support. Also note that if you use this drive in an external enclosure, then any attempt to attach that external drive to a computer that isn't running something like that Seagate utility I described in my last post will fail. This may limit the utility of using the drive in an external enclosure, depending on exactly what you're attempting to achieve.

Kit wrote on 2/17/2015, 8:16 PM
Are you using windows 7, 664 bit? If so just use the built in Windows Disk Management. Type diskmgmt.msc into the search box. I would format the drive to use GPT so that the partition size can be over 2TB. With drives used for storage I don't partition the hard drive at all. I just set up a 3 TB drive yesterday. You only need to use tools provided by companies like EaseUS if you want to change the size of partitions with drives containing data.
PeterDuke wrote on 2/17/2015, 8:39 PM
I have two 2 TB disks in RAID 0 giving 4 TB which I see in Windows 7 64 bit. Maybe the RAID driver allows it to happen.

I only buy 2 TB USB drives because I also use Windows XP and didn't want to run into problems.
fldave wrote on 2/17/2015, 9:40 PM
I just connected a 3TB last week, initialized it GPT, loading it up now from a failing 1TB Caviar Black. Win7 64bit.

Am I missing something? Windows Explorer sees 3TB available and it's working fine. (non-boot drive)
johnmeyer wrote on 2/17/2015, 10:38 PM
I just connected a 3TB last week, initialized it GPT, loading it up now from a failing 1TB Caviar Black. Win7 64bit.Yes you are. Only computers built in the last few years have the ability to initialize using GPT.
Grazie wrote on 2/17/2015, 11:02 PM
I bought a 3gb drive to use it as a removable drive. I read that GPT gets ruined if used as a removable drive. So, when I got to CHOOSING between GPT or MBR I choose MBR so the drive could be used as a removable. Unfortunately, this has resulted in only getting the 2gb, with the remainder being cross-hatched-out and unavailable.

Those wishing to confirm/view my PC suitability, please view specifacations.


johnmeyer wrote on 2/17/2015, 11:13 PM
Unfortunately, this has resulted in only getting the 2gb, with the remainder being cross-hatched-out and unavailable.That's why you should use that software I recommended. It lets you use the whole drive. Of course you'll have to install the software on all older computers to which you attach the drive. If you don't want to do this, I recommend you only use the drive on one computer, and install the software on that one computer. Then, purchase a 2 TB drive for your external enclosure. Otherwise you are wasting a lot of disk space.
Grazie wrote on 2/18/2015, 3:29 AM
That's why you should use that software I recommended.Well, here's an update: I bit the bullet and plunged into doing a FULL 3TB of GPT as a test whilst the drive "sits" in my docking shoe. Yes the GPT making 3TB full Partition worked. I am now Copying 282GB of some 500 items to that new 3TB. I shall test what happens on removal. If it goes SOUTH then I'll reformat and start over.

My simplest of solutions, for my workflow, for this activity is to:

A] Make the new 3TB an INTERNAL Drive and keep it GPT. Finish!

B] Remove the present 2TB Media drive and swap-in A] above and keep the 2TB as a swappable.

John, thanks for your guiding hand on this, and I will adapt your kind advice to my own workflow.

At the moment I'm getting 125MB/sec copy-over, from Internal 2TB to the 3TB.

Lesson learnt? Use only 2TB for external shoe. OR if the GPT remains stable (big IF that!), use the 3TB GPT as an ongoing solution - bit leary of that one......



Grazie wrote on 2/18/2015, 3:54 AM
Well, so far . . so good.

Closed down PC; removed the 3TB from Shoe; placed 3TB back in shoe and Media copied-over appear to be working.

I'm now copying a further 134GB onto the new 3TB External GPT-ed HD. getting 113MB/sec.



ushere wrote on 2/18/2015, 5:26 AM
have to say i admire your (or anybodies) faith in 3tb drives*... i've got a couple of 2gb in the system and countless usb 2 / 3 1tb portables on which i dump completed projects (along with bkups on other portable dives).

i just couldn't deal with losing that amount of data in one go.

*nothing at all against large capacity raids etc.,
Grazie wrote on 2/18/2015, 5:33 AM
"..have to say i admire your (or anybodies) faith in 3tb drives"Tell me something further that I need to know Leslie? Dammed with faint praise is something I can spot.


fldave wrote on 2/18/2015, 6:29 AM
I just connected a 3TB last week, initialized it GPT, loading it up now from a failing 1TB Caviar Black. Win7 64bit.

I think I have this covered, then, my specs support it.
dxdy wrote on 2/18/2015, 7:00 AM
Wasn't there a problem reported by SVP user(s) with reading audio from 3TB drives? Dimly remembered.



Edit 2:

It was happening with wav files on 3 or 4 TB disks.
fldave wrote on 2/18/2015, 7:32 AM
Well, not sure it's worth switching yet. Things seem alright, maybe I'll just switch back to 2 MBR partitions to be safe. Wait, can I even create two 1.5TB MBR? Crap, need to do more research to see if I need that disk manager software. I have enough headaches with a Caviar Black that is failing after only 2 years into a 5 year warranty.
PeterDuke wrote on 2/18/2015, 7:54 AM
I have enough headaches with a Caviar Black that is failing after only 2 years into a 5 year warranty

Just copy it to a 2TB disk (or two) and then ponder 3 TB disks.
fldave wrote on 2/18/2015, 9:13 AM
It seems fine for now, I'll get a couple of standard 2TB externals for backing it up for now.