Acid 4.0 has Rewire.....yeah!!:)


Mincer wrote on 6/6/2003, 2:06 PM
This all being said, is it being discussed to record audio out of softsynths into Vegas? Wouldn't adding ReWire be easier than a whole Midi set, since it has been done in ACID?
I don't use midi, but I love using softsynths. I just want to record the audio.
stakeoutstudios wrote on 6/7/2003, 4:54 AM
Wow, I've never seen a company talk so well to it's customers - it's great to have such good communication - thanks Peter!

Essentially, I'll be happy whichever direction Vegas takes - either re-wire or the uber app.

Presumably there's more $$ for R&D in Vegas and ACID now, so I can't wait to see which doors are opened.

JohanAlthoff wrote on 6/7/2003, 9:53 AM
This is a bit off-topic, but I have to say it anyway:

GOD, I wish Native Instruments could have the same attitude as Sonic Foundry!
Angels wrote on 6/7/2003, 11:29 AM


As usual the driving forces in a particular situation are only obvious to those in it. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to these queries, and applaud your commitment to music making in general. I hope more resources are given to you for r&d.


I too use what apps I need. But I was put in a budgetary bottleneck and only had the budget to buy 1 app for all purposes; Logic is no longer an option on PC. I'll still keep using Vegas 3 at work for now (I use 4 at home); I thouroughly agree that 1 app for all is not a current reality, and that nothing beats Vegas' GUI for fast efficient slicing/dicing/mixing audio.

WT wrote on 6/7/2003, 1:51 PM
I just had to draw some more attention to Red's notion. (I think I've written SoFo about this some months ago too!) This could SERIOUSLY put Vegas over the edge as the most intuitive audio, video AND midi software on the planet.

There's a good reason why there are people who still use nothing but Vision on 10-year-old machines. To answer Peter's question - as far as I know, it only runs up to Windows 9x. Development of it stopped before we got into larger than 8.3 style filenames!

I bet SoFo/Sony could pick up the Opcode property for a song, since Gibson hasn't done anything with it.

Heck, even if SoFo doesn't integrate Vision into Vegas, updating it to run in a modern XP environment, throwing audio instrument support and rewire into it and calling it MIDI Forge or Sonic Vision would be simply unbelievable. Vision was a legend, and was years ahead of its time. Even today, I can think of a few features in it that no current sequencer could touch.

Peter, I hope that you're not too discouraged by the MIDI/Acid debacle. It was a step in the right direction, and it was Sonic Foundry Midi Attempt v1.0. Of course starting from the ground up is a daunting task, but if developers could look at well implemented MIDI sequencers (Vision, aspects of Logic), there's no need to learn the hard way, as far (at least as required features goes - can't speak for the more technical bits!).


(I'm going to do something that I almost NEVER do and post this as a new topic too, because I feel that it sort of departs from the rewire topic a bit much...)
klyon wrote on 6/7/2003, 3:45 PM
Speaking of midi code floating around unwanted and probably going for a song, Dr. T's TIGER (the integrated graphic editing recorder) was an absolute high water mark in terms of interactive editing, one of the best music programs I ever used (in that category, the category of Just Works Like it Should With No Problems -- with Vegas, Sound Forge, Reason, and -- perhaps, in some ways -- Wavelab). Someone should give Emile Tobenfeld (Dr. T) a call.
pwppch wrote on 6/7/2003, 9:03 PM
Tiger CUB! The MIDI prog I cut my teeth on! I love that thing! I even loaded it with the ST emulator and loaded all the original .cub files I have exported them to mid files so I could mess around with them.

The one thing I always liked was the "Velocity" tails associate to notes. So easy to adjust the velocity of a note that way. Master Tracks had this also.

It was just so simple to work in and the simple score plugin (Hmmmm, visions of OPT???) was enough to be dangerous back then.


klyon wrote on 6/7/2003, 11:45 PM
I'm glad you know the program. In the late 80's when I wasn't touring or making enough money recording I did trade shows for Dr. T.. I worked Comdexes, NAMMs, the Music Messe in Frankfurt, went all the over the place being the musician demoing their stuff on Ataris, Amigas, and Macs. When Jeremy Sagan wrote the sequencer Beyond, which became Metro, he was staying at my apartment in LA for a NAMM show and I convinced him to put the velocity tails in and ask Emile for a few other things from Tiger as well.
I still wish I had it when I do work that requires midi (mostly I just play and use audio these days).
I could probably get you in touch with Emile if you're interested. I still see David Silver, who did all the Amiga ports, whenever I play New York.
djderricke wrote on 6/14/2003, 8:09 AM
<What i would like it to do though is ....

Port all the instruments in Reason straight to tracks in Vegas and record.

Port all the tracks from ACID into Vegas and record.>

Basically, that is what rewire does. I can give you a practicle example from my own experience. I recently worked on a remix project and I wanted to use sounds from Reason. Hmmmm, but what about my vocals that I'm doing the remix for? (Reason doesn't multitrack so there is no easy way to include a 4:00 accapella in your project.) No problem! I just used Sonar 2.2 as my rewire host and Reason as the slave. (Reason cannot function as a host app by the way.) The output from Reason appears as stereo track on Sonar's timeline. So now I can have the vocals tracked in Sonar and the music generated by Reason and both are in perfect sync. And if I want to start the song two minutes and 23 seconds into it, Reason will be at the same point in time. Via rewire I can even have a midi track sequenced in Sonar but using the instruments in Reason. That is the power of Rewire