Kimberly wrote on 10/10/2014, 10:37 PM
Which VASST product are you using? I have always found the VASST people to be super responsive to any support questions or problems.

There should be a link or email address on the VASST website where you can send your problem. If you cannot find it, please reply back and I will send you an address that I know is good for Ultimate S, which will get you a response to your proper product.

Hope that helps : )
JohnnyRoy wrote on 10/10/2014, 10:51 PM
> "I just can't get my stillmotion and stuttermotion to install properly so I have given up."

Did you try my suggestions from your other thread? Creating a new thread on the same topic really isn't helpful. Decide what thread you want to get help in and we'd be happy to help you.

> "How can I get SVP to ignore that extension?"

Have you tried uninstalling it when Vegas Pro is not in running? BTW, uninstalling while Vegas Pro is still running will result in a corrupt uninstall. Of course you must uninstall it from the account that actually installed it because I understand from your other thread that you are using multiple accounts (admin and non-admin).

It sounds like you should contact us at VASST and we'd be happy to help you with your particular computer setup.


John Rofrano
Sundance Media Group / VASST