Anyone editing 4k on a x99 i7-5930 or Z170 i7-6700

Julius_ wrote on 7/21/2016, 5:53 PM
Hi ,

I wish I could wait till the fall, but my i7-920 needs to be replaced.

I've searched and search for actual people that have a
x99 i7-5930 or a Z170 i7-6700 and are editing 4k footage (not concerned about rendering, as I do that overnight). What are your experiences? Is the playback smooth enough? My card will be the Radeon R9 390.

The x99 is about $600 more expensive but has 6 cores compared to the 4 cores on the z170.

Talking specifically with Vegas editing only, is the z170 good enough for 4k playback? Or do I have to break the bank on the x99



john_dennis wrote on 7/21/2016, 7:50 PM
You should break the bank since you obviously keep systems for a long time. Though, coming from your current system you would be very happy, there is little to be gained by buying another platform that tops out at 4 cores. Look at this comparison and pick a processor. You could probably get by with an I7-6800k.

The subject came up recently in this thread.
Julius_ wrote on 7/21/2016, 8:00 PM
Thanks John...yes I read that thread many times and actually it was because of your post that I started looking at the x99!
GregFlowers wrote on 7/21/2016, 11:38 PM
I have an I7 6800K 6 core processor with an R9 390x and edit 4k footage from my Panasonic G7 with ease. I get full 23.98 fps playback at Best/Full even with multiple effects added (depending on the effects of course.)
megabit wrote on 7/21/2016, 11:50 PM
I'm using the 8-core i& 5960X CPU (see my System #1) - and, while my 4K and/or UHD 25 fps clips from FS7 camera fly on the VP13 timeline, with obvious headroom for FXes etc. - my 50 fps clips from the same camera (i.e. using the XAVC-I codec) merely reach 25 fps (i.e. ca. 50% speed) on this system. This worries me a bit, as I'm going to use 50p extensively - but I hope this is a VP 13's quirk, as both 50p and 25p play-back with seemingly full speed in Resolve (and this not using proxies or any other "playback-optimization" Resolve offers...

That said, I do have buyers remorse for not waiting couple of week for the 10-core i7 6950X...


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ritsmer wrote on 7/22/2016, 9:53 AM
Having a 6 core i7-4930 I often see just 11 Fps at play-back with a couple of FX'es ... but the CPU utilization is only 35 % ??

Think that if I bought a 10 core Wham-Bam machine I would see 13 Fps ... at 30 % CPU utilization...

For years I have wished that Sony Creative some day would tell us why Vegas quite often do not use all the available CPU-power ...

If I switch-in my GTX-970 it seems to get even worse - but fortunately we have the Shift+M (selectively pre render )
Julius_ wrote on 7/22/2016, 12:07 PM
Thanks Greg and's very encouraging and I now have a piece of mind.

Piotr: Be content with your decision. It was the best you can do at that moment.

I know, the minute I buy mine, there will be something better in a few months.