Audio Not Matching Event Velocity Envelope (VP17)

MotoRider42HC wrote on 5/17/2020, 1:29 PM

I recently upgraded from VMS14 to VP17.

When using the "new" Video Event Velocity tool, the audio is not syncing with the video velocity.

For example, the video ramps from 0% speed to 100% speed, but the audio stays at 100% speed and becomes un-synched to the video. I can not figure out how to fix this, it doesn't make any sense...

What am I doing wrong?



Marco. wrote on 5/17/2020, 1:44 PM

There is no fix, it's the way Video Event Velocity works. It's for video only.

MotoRider42HC wrote on 5/17/2020, 1:51 PM

how do I adjust the audio to match? there is no "Audio Event Velocity" that I can find.

john_dennis wrote on 5/17/2020, 2:03 PM

Control + Drag the event end maintains timing relationships of video and audio.

Marco. wrote on 5/17/2020, 2:14 PM

There is no "Audio Event Velocity" in Vegas Pro. Best approach for audio you could get is using the "élastique Timestretch" as Track FX, then automate the FX to make it adjustable via keyframes. But this is cumbersome at least, lots of trial and error if gonna be used to synchronize to a video speed ramp.

MotoRider42HC wrote on 5/17/2020, 2:15 PM


Unfortunately that will not work, as the video is ramping from 0% to 100%. The audio would only stretch at a fixed rate. Temporarily, I have cut the audio into little pieces and created the velocity ramp manually, but a trained ear will notice it. The average person hopefully won't notice...



VP17 will not let me keyframe the properties of the Audio Event FX. I tried both the "ExpressFX" and "Time Stretch" plugins. Looks like I am stuck with manually cutting it into pieces.


Thanks for trying to help!

Marco. wrote on 5/17/2020, 2:27 PM

"VP17 will not let me keyframe the properties of the Audio Event FX."

That's why I said you need to use it as Track FX. And neither "Express FX" nor "Time Stretch" are keyframeable. You need to use "élastique Timestretch" as mentioned above. And you need to use the Track's automation mode.

But it'd be way to cumbersome to me ...

Joelson_Forte wrote on 5/17/2020, 3:00 PM


Marco is right.

The best alternative I know is the "élastique Timestretch plugin" being used as Track FX and with automated envelopes. See video bellow.