Best AVI codec resembling Blackmagic or Cineform


chap wrote on 6/3/2016, 2:34 PM
Thanks all, I went with the GoPro software. NOTE that you need to install the GoPro Decoder as well otherwise Vegas crashes when you try to open rendered vid.

Decoder located below:

videoITguy wrote on 6/3/2016, 4:03 PM
Sorry to point out - Magic YUV working in the environment of VegasPro can only do 8bit but if you work with a 32bit mode - this will not really matter for use as a DI. This limitation, as acknowledged by the developer, is the current design infrastructure for VegasPro. MagicYUV does otherwise come in a true 10bit flavor that can be used in other cross app /platform combinations.

For the very same limitations - VegasPro with the standalone Cineform codec can only effectively deliver out at about 9th bit - 10 bit operation is truncated so very slightly.
NickHope wrote on 6/3/2016, 10:22 PM
10-bit MagicYUV is not publicly available. You have to contact the author and ask for an evaluation copy. Here's what he said about 10-bit a few months ago:

"As for 10-bit: 10-bit is über-tricky. Even with the relatively simple and widely supported 8-bit formats there is still so much confusion on the forums, 10-bit would just simply make people even more confused (and probably drive my nuts trying to explain).

Also, ffmpeg are introducing MagicYUV support which should allow Handbrake to decode it.
NormanPCN wrote on 6/3/2016, 10:36 PM
Some info on Quicktime and 16-bit and the "magic" things it might do in that mode.
Executive summary, "This might be beating a dead horse, but QuickTime truly sucks.".
balazer wrote on 6/21/2016, 8:39 PM
I've had nothing but good results with XAVC in Vegas. Vegas reads and writes it with 10-bit precision. It has long-GOP and intra-frame flavors. It's not AVI, but it is a standard, and some other applications support it.

The only other 10-bit codec that worked reliably for me in Vegas is the Sony 10-bit YUV codec, which is actually just standard V210 AVI.
Wolfgang S. wrote on 6/22/2016, 10:47 AM
I do not know what is NOT reliable in Vegas with Cineform. Cineform was implemented native in Vegas and is decoded as 10bit, I think since version 6 or 7. Sure XAVC is decoded as 10bit too, but if you have UHD footage from an FS7 that will not be long GOP but i-frames only. And playback behaviour in Vegas is much weaker from UHD XAVC 10bit compared to UHD Cineform 10bit.

And if people are confused about 10bit or not - I do not think that this something that makes sense really.

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Ming-o wrote on 8/30/2016, 4:46 AM

Handbrake in my computer wont accept avi files with either magic YUV, UT Video lossless codec or the avid codec. Any idea what Im doing wrong?