[bug] Vegas 20 - toggling RX plugins freezes complete program

Foo-Bar wrote on 2/28/2023, 9:29 AM

Another day, another bug in paradise.

Like most of my reported bugs this one is also audio related and has "something" to do with selecting / enabling plugins from the audiochain.

Plugin order corrupt (audio)


Plugin undo freeze (audio)


Plugin toggling freeze (audio)

I use Vegas only as a NLE / DAW and those bugs only appear in Vegas 20, not in Vegas 17 - 18 - 19.

But using audio-envelopes (automation) in Vegas 19 is totally unusable (it freezes even my i9 12th gen), so I have to stick with Vegas 20, which has solved thát bug.

I am not sure which is causing those audiobugs, but since V20 has VST3 support and V19 hasn't, I guess most of the bugs mentioned here and above have something to do with the new VST engine.


In short Vegas 20 totally freezes when you toggle the state of (any) RX7 / RX9 or RX10 VST2 (VST3) plugin.

Since I can't embed animated GIF here, please see the bug recorded here;

How to reproduce?

Well... just try to enable / disable the plugins when in sight and it will totally freeze the system.

See screenrecordings, mentioned above.

How to bypass the bug?

That's difficult, but you have to toggle the state with the right mouse button and not selecting the plugin with the left mouse button.

This is exactly the same issue what causes the plugin chain to reverse order (see bugreport above).

When you right click on the plugin, a popup will appear and from that popup you can toggle the 'bypass' state without the plugin visible.

This does work, but when you try to toggle the state with visibility, it will crash Vegas.

The canvas is redrawn, but never completely and the system will hang before redraw is finished.

I even bought a brand new system for this bug ($ 3.500,- USD) in order to see if it has something to do with my iGPU / GPU but the bug appears on both Intel / RADEON / AMD / NVIDIA chipsets.


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