BUG: version 201 // TRIMMER ISSUE

fhu wrote on 11/18/2016, 11:35 PM

There seems to be bug in the update (version 201) inside the Trimmer. Once I highlight a section of video and click to drag it onto the timeline it starts a new selection instead of dragging the highlighted selection. In other words, I can't drag to the timeline from the trimmer... Does that make sense?

Anyone experiencing this?


Quitter wrote on 11/18/2016, 11:41 PM

No, working fine

set wrote on 11/20/2016, 6:11 AM

Ok, I think I see it...

After you make selection, click on the selection, then drag it to TOP / BOTTOM (Vertical cursor movement), NOT LEFT or RIGHT (Horizontal).

If after selecting it, you move your cursor to the Left or Right, it will create new selection.

fhu wrote on 11/20/2016, 12:08 PM

set, very good observation. This does seem to be the problem.

The Trimmer was never this sensitve in the past. I hope it's corrected as many times I'm dragging the selection diagonally (Left or Right) down and this resets my selection. Slows down the workflow!

I appreciate you investigating.  

Nick Hope wrote on 11/20/2016, 8:53 PM

I agree that it starts to create a selection too easily instead of dragging the selection. It seems like the behaviour changes at about 40 degrees from the horizontal. I would change that to something like 20 degrees and perhaps increase the threshold amount of movement a little before Vegas "decides" whether it's going to drag the selection or make a new selection.

fhu wrote on 11/20/2016, 11:56 PM

Agreed Nick. Thanks for looking into it.