Burning Multi Track Audio CD's / Vegas Pro 17 / VegaSaur

crown2020 wrote on 6/16/2020, 9:18 PM

Hello again Vegas Community. Once again, I'm perplexed. Are there any among you that can tell me the best way to go about burning a thing called a CD, in Vegas Pro 17, or using Vegasaur. A few of you were kind enough in the resent past to point me to a script that allowed me to batch render .mp3, using my file name for the track(s) name(s). I never thought to ask how one can burn a CD, with 2 or more songs, and have the tracks separated, using the file name(s) as the track name(s), BUT, burnt to a CD. Possible? I've searched the form, you tube and the help file. No meaningfully luck. When I follow the manual, I get one audio file rather than two, (that's all I am doing for this small project). Thanks to all in advance for your time.


Joelson_Forte wrote on 6/16/2020, 9:43 PM

All the information you need is on this link bellow. Good luck!


crown2020 wrote on 6/16/2020, 10:01 PM

@Joelson_Forte, Thank you for the response. I have read those instructions. They do not seem to fully cover what I am asking to do.

I can burn using "disc at once". The tracks will appear separated as desired on the final CD. However, I can not figure out how to get the tracks on the CD to "pick up" and use the file name as the track name.

Former user wrote on 6/16/2020, 11:50 PM

What you are looking for is probably CD TEXT. I don't believe Vegas supports this but I found this article. I use IMGBURN but have never tried to create CD Text.


john_dennis wrote on 6/17/2020, 4:30 AM

In the last century, CD Architect from Sonic Foundry was the "killer app" for that.

I'll admit that I removed the CD changer from our car some years ago when it would constantly seek even with the ignition switch turned off. Not to worry, I ripped all of our CDs and now we play them from a USB drive with a voice response unit.

rraud wrote on 6/17/2020, 9:13 AM

CD Architect is still my go-to app in the rare occurrence an audio CD is needed. It does not support VST plug-ins but that is usually a non-issue. Sound Forge Pro and AS (Audio Studio) can burn Red Book compliant (DAO) CDs as well...

I have used ImgBurn to create a CD image when more CDs may be needed at some point.

crown2020 wrote on 6/17/2020, 9:38 AM

As john_dennis points out, It's a dying technology, (just like many of my customers). I have learned something today. I placed a factory pressed cd into my Windows 10 computer and opened the cd to look at the contents. I saw "track 1", "track 2", etc. I did not see the file names as actual song titles. Just "Track 1" and so on. I'm guessing this is because of cd specs, just like a DVD has certain specs? Anyone care to answer that and confirm my suspicion?

I have looked at wiki concerning the specs. It has a great deal of technical info. I don't think it ever addressed why they are labeled and called just "track 1" etc rather than using the filename. Maybe I missed it.

It's my opinion that Vegas should use an "all or nothing" approach when it comes to cd authoring. Support it ALL THE WAY, or REMOVE IT. That may be asking to much from a program that cost hundreds of dollars to purchase outright. After all, on the VIDEO side of things, we still need Vegasaur for functionality that SHOULD be native to Vegas anyways.

Thank you to all who contributed to my initial inquires and those that will in the future.

Former user wrote on 6/17/2020, 11:01 AM

Vegas supports the CD standard completely. CD Text was added much later than the CD standard and runs as a sidecar file. The tracks on a CD have never been named, only track number as you have seen. So there is no reason to remove it from Vegas. I still use it and it functions quite well.

crown2020 wrote on 6/17/2020, 11:08 AM

@dot, "The tracks on a CD have never been named"

Do you know why they have never been named? I can't really find any good info about that. I'm guessing it has something to do with the cd specs. If someone smarter than me could elaborate, it would help my comprehension. Come on, someone out here just wants go to all tech on me. I can feel it! :)

As to your love of the cd support in Vegas, our millage varies. I believe they could do much better. What Vegas offers for cd's is basic at best.

Former user wrote on 6/17/2020, 11:14 AM

Other than CD Text, what other features that are part of the CD spec do you want?

rraud wrote on 6/17/2020, 11:14 AM

The CD text metadata is only visible on 'some' audio CD players, which will just display Track 1, 2, 3, ect, It also will not be displayed opening it Win Explorer.

Former user wrote on 6/17/2020, 11:15 AM

@rraud yes, the player has to be able to read CD text.

crown2020 wrote on 6/17/2020, 11:27 AM

Guys, I'm NOT talking about cd "text". I'm asking WHY the files on a cd MUST read "track 1" etc, at the file level.

@Former user, " what other features that are part of the CD spec do you want?", I never said I was SOLELY complaining about cd spec that Vegas supports. I agree, it's fully supported in that regard. What I am complaining about is the bear bones cd support I'm getting for the money I'm paying for Vegas Pro. I get it's old technology. At least bring features that are present say in CD Architect into Vegas Pro or OFFER it with a purchase of Vegas Pro.

Former user wrote on 6/17/2020, 11:45 AM

CD Architect is older than Vegas. Here is Magix specs for CD Architect


"System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 operating system

500 MHz processor

150 MB hard-disk space for program installation

128 MB RAM

Windows-compatible sound card

CD-ROM drive (for installation from a CD only)

Supported CD-Recordable drive

DirectX Media 9.0 Run Time (included on CD-ROM)

Internet Explorer 5.1 or later (included on CD-ROM)"

Vegas does everything required to create a CD. The track name only is because CD technology itself is old and limited. It was one of the first digital formats for consumer use. DVD was the next level and Bluray was another level. The spec will not change because there is no reason at this point since CD sales are low. CD text was a later innovation to allow you to see the names of the tracks on your player. The CD format is not a file format like DVDs or Bluray. CD format does not allow any copy protection and that is another reason the recording companies are letting it die.

john_dennis wrote on 6/17/2020, 3:19 PM

More crap for the gap...

Vegas 17-452 fully supports reading CD Text from the optical media while Windows Media Player uses an online database to identify the titles, artists, etc. based on a unique CD identifier (which most humans on the earth never get when burning CDs).

For that reason, I use WMA in my car because of its better support of the meta data. The system is SYNC by Microsoft. I really, really wanted to use PCM directly from the CDs or WMA-Lossless because of the bias of the embedded player, but No!

A spot check of my Blu-ray players, a boombox and Denon CD player: None support CD Text.

Added Legal Disclaimer:

  • Any suggestion I ever make of how something might be done should never be construed as advocacy that it should be done.
  • Never do what I do.
crown2020 wrote on 6/18/2020, 10:29 AM

I asked "WHY the files on a cd MUST read "track 1" Dot, in part, replied, "The track name only is because CD technology itself is old and limited." Can someone expand on this statement Dot made. For example, did they have to use "Track 01" because a specified number of characters in this default file name system was a "place holder" referenced in code elsewhere? How and why they selected that system and structure, at the file system level, is what I'm really asking here. If no one knows, it's ok. I read a wealth of "useless" information. I'm starting to think a 60-70 year old engineer, retired from Sony, that worked on the original cd specs, may be the best person to explain what there logic was behind track names. :) Thank you to all who have replied.

crown2020 wrote on 6/18/2020, 10:33 AM

@ john_dennis, Gracenote and similar data bases are awesome. 💯

crown2020 wrote on 6/18/2020, 10:36 AM

@Former user, "CD Architect is older than Vegas" ME: Exactly. 😏