fr0sty wrote on 5/30/2018, 1:53 AM

Great job isolating the cause of the bug and reporting it so they can fix it.

NickHope wrote on 5/30/2018, 5:51 AM

Please report this by submitting a support request at That's the best way to draw the developers' attention to bugs and get them into their backlog.

Former user wrote on 5/31/2018, 11:03 AM

This is Magix's answer @NickHopeTestAccount

Re: [Ticket#2018053017004296] VEGAS Pro: Request Support

Hello Joelson,

Thank you for taking the time to point this out to us. This is a known issue and we plan to resolve this issue in a future update of VEGAS. We understand your concern and hope that the workaround solution is not too great of an inconvenience to you. 

Best regards,