convert 2D to 3d video Vegas pro 16

Weslok wrote on 10/2/2022, 4:46 AM

Vegas 16 pro windows 11 Pro

I am trying to convert a 2d video to 3D with a software solution... Vegas pro has support for 3d projects in project properties... My question is does the video I am processing into 3d SBS have to be encoded into 3d before I render the video or does it do the actual converting 2D to 3D itself... I know software 3D isn't a great way to get a 3d video but I am really just experimenting at this time...


3d87c4 wrote on 10/2/2022, 1:46 PM

Vegas has wonderful 3D editing tools, but cannot convert a 2D video to 3D.

To perceive 3D you need parallax differences between near and distant subjects.

I get the impression that folks who do this are largely using depth map approaches, these days.

3DCombine offers some 3D conversion capabilities, but renders very slowly.

StereoPhotoMaker has some depth map tools, but is for still images...maybe you could cobble something together by frameserving it with Vegas?

I see folks offering 3D conversion services in a couple of the FB groups I follow, so you might search for that if you're willing to pay.

Good luck & please share if/when you come up with a solution.


narutoonepiece wrote on 10/2/2022, 1:52 PM

@3d87c4 What OP says is not 3D camera or 3D depth map, but 3d sbs movies which you watch it in movie theater with a pair of 3d glasses.

3d87c4 wrote on 10/2/2022, 1:59 PM

If he has video from a 3D camera then Vegas has all the tools needed to create a SBS 3D video. "I am trying to convert a 2d video to 3D with a software solution" suggests that is not the case.

If I'm wrong, I'd be glad to help @Weslok.


Weslok wrote on 10/2/2022, 3:02 PM

Yes what I meant was to take a 2D video and use software to render it as a simulated 3d video... I don't want anaglyph 3d though... I want to watch the videos in my VR headset... You cannot get very good 3d conversion with software but my 3DTV did an OK job of simulating 3D for casual watching... I am looking for something like that...

3d87c4 wrote on 10/2/2022, 3:18 PM

A quick google search yielded a lot of programs for 3D conversion, but I've no idea if any are worth bothering with.

You might want to check out 3DCombine. The developer can be open to program modifications if your interests coincide with his. He did a lot of work for me to support the Vuze 3D 360 cameras and for a FB friend of mine working with 3D depth maps.

Yelandkeil wrote on 10/2/2022, 3:48 PM

For your reference @Weslok, if you wanna try from 2D to 3D-simulation:


1, set your project 3D-sidebyside-half, or any kind your display can present.

2, change the 2D clip's properties to "Pair with next stream" which are exactly the same but really 2 streams.

3, use the 3D-plugin to simulate where you can judge the result on your 3D-display.

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