Did anybody see Michael Jackson 'This Is It' ?

HyperMedia wrote on 2/23/2010, 10:02 PM
After seeing it on DVD. I am impress(Sony EX 1 Cam) that these camera's have a high enough image quality they can be use for Film airing and Broadcast TV.

Furthermore, you always hear that these little cameras would be a good B camera. But not good enough for a film release or nationwide TV Commercial. Now … I am sold on those cameras imagery … they were filmic and had a Highend HD look. The movie and editing was incredible. (Behind the Scenes). A lot of the filmmaking was using Green Screen technology. The stage production along was in the millions. But to see them using 2 small EX Cam instead of a full size EX Cam on the biggest concert/film production in the world … really inspired me.

In addition, The Kardashian Show was recently filming with the Sony EX 1 Cam. Usually when I watch Reality Show most on the time I see a full size camera. But this latest episode they were using a Sony EX 1 Cam. And, the quality looks great.

Director of Photography Tim Paterson was the special guest at the LA event. He shared his thoughts on the EX350 and discussed his experiences shooting the recent documentary Michael Jackson’s This Is It with the EX1 and EX3.


HyperMedia wrote on 2/24/2010, 11:37 AM
If you are an editor or filmaker. Use this DVD for education. Update your editing skills. I was watching the cameraman using a cam bag for the low angles.
Jeff_Smith wrote on 2/24/2010, 7:11 PM
I was introduced to Tim by a mutual friend to submit ideas for a commercial for one of his clients. I was pretty impressed when I heard about this story:
xjerx wrote on 2/24/2010, 8:24 PM
pretty sure the movie was shot on RED ONE cameras...
farss wrote on 2/24/2010, 9:52 PM
Not unless they're made by Sony and cost $6,000 :)

"Gongaware was by chance looking to start compiling behind-the-scenes footage. He hired Patterson and Orabona and put together a budget of $80,000. Over the next six months, using two $6,000 Sony cameras Patterson bought for the project, they worked six days a week, often until midnight, shooting performances and candid moments and interviewing dancers, musicians and others working on the concert"

DGates wrote on 2/25/2010, 12:16 AM
"But to see them using 2 small EX Cam instead of a full size EX Cam on the biggest concert/film production in the world … really inspired me."

Keep in mind, JT, these were concert rehearsals that were taped. You are aware that he died before the actual concerts, right? To be using EX1's in that respect isn't that big of a deal.
HyperMedia wrote on 2/25/2010, 7:14 AM
To be using EX1's in that respect isn't that big of a deal.

Yes it is. I am very aware of everything of Michael Jackson as an artist.
In addition, my background was the videogragher of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for over 9 years. My lists of credits is the who of who's in music and fashion industry. We filmed the world's biggest
entertainers, over 450 artists in 9 years.
My former boss is now the CEO of the new Grammy Museum in L.A.

Whenever we shot something we were using 2/3 camera or sometimes 1/2.

Man ... don't you get it. This is the highest level you can reach in music/film production. There is know other level you can reach. If you shoot anything for MJ. That's is ...history making footages.

MJ started this Art form with the Making of Thriller. (Behind the Scenes) The best selling musicvideo ever on DVD. He started that particular genre. Capturing the behind the scene and selling it on DVD. Going back to the making of Thriller, Moonwalker and Ghosts. So they knew behind of scenes were going to be used for something.

With 140 hours of rehearsal...sometimes that's the best part.

And, I can almost guarantee that film will win some type of awards in the US and International. That's the big deal!!!!

What I am trying to say. I notice they were using small cameras toward the the end of the movie. And, I couldn't believe the quality coming out those little cameras. Well.... they did have a couple of rough spots a little grain, that was due to being real dark. And I'd notice their were the EX Cam.

Not a big deal...really, those guys may not know what they have. But I sure do. Anything to do with MJ name is instant credibility and worldwide fame. With 140hrs of footage...their is more to come. If you saw what they were creating on stage you can see the future of concert and moviemaking coming together live on stage. MJ was about to create something new and bigger than Thriller. I was totally impress. MJ was creating another template for artists to follow.

Keep that in mind.

xjerx wrote on 2/25/2010, 8:03 AM

...and yes there's footage shot on smaller video cams (ex1) ..but I think the majority is RED...also confirmed on the RED site in many places....

..I haven't actually seen it...so I'm just speaking from what I've read. I could be wrong :o)

CClub wrote on 2/25/2010, 8:32 AM
With quotes saying Sony EX-1's recorded it vs. the comments stating that RED cameras recorded it, it'd be good to get definitive confirmation. There was some outstanding footage, and then frequently there were interjections from much lower quality cameras (the clips with the large, 4-sided black border around the footage).

There was some amazing footage, and then some I didn't think was that great at all. Clearly, this was recorded for a "behind the scenes" production to be attached to the main concert recordings. You could tell there were segues where they wished they had better footage but had to go with what they captured.
HyperMedia wrote on 2/25/2010, 10:42 AM
Yes...we are aware on several parts were from the Red camera and other sources. Also...they have over 140 hours filmed using EX1 and EX3 that were not released. What caught my eyes was the interviews.

Furthermore, you can tell they Injected 3D animation and other video formats.

Far as better footages....this is just the beginning. With over 140hrs
I'd expect a Part 2. Remember,this is behind the scenes you won't have everything perfectly lit with lights and stage setups. You are working in different setup while capturing everything on the run.

This is my background, I know the drill better than most, we always wish that lights would be setup for rehearsal, wishing to get this or that angle... but we knew lights were not going to be available. But we knew this was a dress rehearsal just keep shooting!!!

HyperMedia wrote on 2/25/2010, 11:21 AM
Yes...I am aware of the green screen parts were probably shot with the Red Camera.

I'd expected that.