DV codecs errors while YUV->RGB recompression. (to sonyEPM: please stick this post)


DaLiV wrote on 2/25/2004, 6:40 AM
i'm try to explain in paralels (sorry for lang):
most of customers is low-middle end of understanding peoples (if you knew statistics about higher education - there are only 1% in world) and they will not check difference, at now more peoples can reach digital video (buy cams, works in nle) and only small part of them start any of comparision of products - it is why you have not earlier detected .... (wheel also was not maded in first day of world :) )
DaLiV wrote on 2/25/2004, 6:52 AM
we can accept rgb in middle - but that must not be rgb24.
possible rgb-real, rgb-48, other similar that can preserve source data.
taliesin wrote on 2/25/2004, 8:15 AM
O.k. - you are probably right. I would welcome anything which helps keeping the original characteristic.

Berti wrote on 2/25/2004, 9:53 AM
I would also welcome any soloution that maintains the original look of the video I shot. Question is do I have to wait for Vegas 5,6,or 7 or shall I just switch to Canopus now?

On the other hand I could just turn my film into a SCI-Fi feature seeing as some of the skin tones look quite alien after rendering ! ;-)

farss wrote on 2/25/2004, 1:13 PM
I've edited plenty of stuff in Vegas and haven't experienced the problem you're referring to. I suspect you have a problem elsewhere.
Without being able to 'see' just what you are it's hard to tell of course.
I seem to remember you saying the stuff orginated on Hi8, the question is how did you digitize it?

Can you grab some frames from it and post them somewhere?
Berti wrote on 2/25/2004, 1:58 PM
I used my Sony PC 105 as the analog to digital converter. I used a stand alone HI8 player with S-Video output to play the tape. I know it's not the kind of equipment you find in a studio but I'm sure it's ok. The problem I'm having looks exactly the same as the sunset examples that started this whole thread. I'm sure this is the same problem and is not related to specific hardware. The DV codec for encoding and decoding is a Sony, both in the camera and in Vegas. Ok, it might not be exactly the same codec but should this make a difference ? I really think this problem only occurs under rare conditions with certain footage and I will probably never have this problem again (I hope). I think this explains some of the posts in this thread which seem to imply this is not a very important issue. The fact is not many people are having this problem so in that sense it isn't an important issue. It just doesn't help me, but like I say I'll be working with the new PC 105 now and it's DV all the way, no analog conversions and no old cameras. :-)