Emulating video sync problem...

Kip-Williams wrote on 9/16/2020, 5:31 PM

I was working on an opener recently and I dropped a file into my project that I had captured using Snagit. I really just wanted a few audio clips from the file so when Vegas asked if I wanted to match my project properties to the file I said "no". The audio clips played fine; however, while working on the project, I accidentally switched on the video channel for this file and I was blown away. It was completely out of sync, torn, and shredded. It was completely unidentifiable as to the original content and strangely enough it was absolutely the perfect background image behind my fly-in titles.I LOVED IT!! I worked on the project for a maybe an hour, playing with titles, color correcting the shredded background video, and playing with audio. It was really coming together, however when I opened the file the next day to continue the project, the file had apparently re-synced itself and my beautiful psychedelic background was gone. I have tried numerous times to recreate this screw up, but every time the files sync up perfectly. Does anyone know of a way of intentionally fabricating a chronic sync problem?? I'm kicking myself for not doing a render of just the BG, but it never occured to me that the glitch might self correct.


set wrote on 9/16/2020, 5:45 PM

In new project and add this media only, is it able to play correctly?

If yes, better render it immediately to Magix Intermediate format.


Else, detailed info of Snagit captured media via MediaInfo can be a good start to analyze the problem: