Explorer window is blank in Vegas Pro 13


Jordan-Zale wrote on 8/19/2020, 12:29 PM

Ok, I may have solved the issue, at least on my end. In vegas 16 I wasn't able to see any of my drives or files in the explorer tab. It was completely blank. Very odd considering that this issue has never happened in the 10 years of using Vegas products. What solved the issue for me was that the explorer wasn't seeing any drives because they needed to manually be typed in. However the search box is basically invisible. I hovered my mouse next to the double arrows button and the pointer changed giving me the option to type. I typed in my drive letter and then everything went back to normal and even gave me the complete folder structure starting with m My Computer.

Fuzz125 wrote on 10/7/2022, 1:11 PM

Solution: I had deleted files in: C:\Users\green\AppData\Roaming\VEGAS Pro to make more space on computer. This caused files to not show up. I uninstalled AND deleted all files related to Vegas Pro. Files are back in the explorer tab.