Steve Mann wrote on 1/26/2012, 9:07 PM
Forum search not working?

The last post:
It's apparently been fixed in 510/511

"Notable fixes/changes in version 11.0 (Build 510/511)
Fixed an issue that could cause events to use the wrong media in certain circumstances (seen when project is later loaded)."
MUTTLEY wrote on 1/26/2012, 9:39 PM

Thanks Marc for asking and thanks Steve for finding the answer. I've seen a few times that the question was asked if anyone had had it happened to them in V11 (I think I might have asked myself in one thread). Don't recall anyone giving a definitive answer so have to a degree been holding my breath and just hoping. Huge relief.

Going to go breath now =)

- Ray
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i am erikd wrote on 1/27/2012, 2:23 AM

So far, no one has said that they have felt the wrath of this monster bug in V11. Sony stated near the bottom of their release notes on V11 build 510/511 the following:

"Fixed an issue that could cause events to use the wrong media in certain circumstances (seen when project is later loaded)."

Those 21 words have been interpreted by several on this forum to mean that the "Vegas Replaced the Video" bug was now FINALLY squashed.

Marc you wrote: "This is completely ridiculous in a program that is supposedly for pros!"

Not just ridiculous but really unacceptable. You paid for a professional copy of Sony Vegas 10 and you never got it. There is no such thing as perfect software but any MAJOR BUG IS EXPECTED TO BE PATCHED. Sony moved on to V11 fully aware that this bug was in V10. A bug that twice in one day your "entire project" was screwed up! I fully believe that when Sony moved onto V11 that they didn't know how to fix the bug but it appears that they do know now where in the code the problem lies. Therefore, now is the time that they should set things right with V10 and it's users. It is not acceptable to tell owners of V10 that they need to pay for an upgrade to V11 to get the fix.

You should know that there are a group of people on this forum who have added their name to a thread calling on SCS to release one more update to V10 to patch this MAJOR BUG still in V10!

The thread can be found here:

If you should decide that you want to add your name to the list just let me know. I have asked the ForumAdmin to respond to this matter several times but so far complete silence.

Marc S wrote on 1/27/2012, 3:00 AM
Thanks Erik,

I responded to the other thread. I agree, this is unacceptable.
Don Sweger wrote on 1/28/2012, 11:23 AM
I agree, it should be either fixed, or give a free upgrade. I already own 11, and I really haven't even used because of the many "issues" many have repoerted here. Maybe it is time to use it on a real project.

It would also be acceptable if they could find a way to "restore" the correct media to the timeline from the original clips...
Geoff_Wood wrote on 1/28/2012, 1:11 PM
I assume what he meant was "actually and fully fixed"

It hasn't happened to me in V11 - Have any others experienced it in or since 510/511?

MUTTLEY wrote on 1/28/2012, 2:13 PM

Erik, please stop spamming the forums with your negativity, there are several threads already that make your position perfectly clear. Posting the same complaints in any thread that is loosely related and hijacking threads, not cool.

- Ray
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i am erikd wrote on 1/28/2012, 3:25 PM
Muttley, please stop the personal attacks. You claim the high road and take the low road every time. I'm not interested in being "cool". Just trying to make others aware and in both cases others have agreed to join the list.

Only in your mind is someone suffering from the "Vegas Replaced the Footage" bug "loosely related" to those of us who want a patch for V10 to fix that very same bug.


MUTTLEY wrote on 1/28/2012, 7:52 PM

Um, if you thought that was a personal attack I assure you you have no idea what a personal attack is. That was a request. Your implying that you can post & repost any bit of regurgitated garbage that you've already posted 50 times elsewhere is acceptable but I don't have the right to ask you not to is ridiculous.

Sabotaging the forums to satisfy your ego should not be acceptable by anyone, including those who may have agreed with your initial position and least of all by Sony, who I personally believe have been far more gracious towards your antics than I would have ever been.

- Ray
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Soniclight wrote on 1/28/2012, 9:19 PM
A Gentle Request @Muttley @ Erikd

I respectfully suggest that you both peace out and let it go.
At least in this public square...

What's going on between you isn't new to this forum but it is rather rare overall and starts turning valid threads and exchanges of views into the semblance of a a high school yard brawl. If you guys need to still work some stuff out, do it offline, i.e. via messages.

All of us can get wrapped up in arguments and lose our cool in one way or another. Trust me, I know what it's like though I've been able to not do so at this thread (mine usually have to do with dealing with.. ah, women and relationships perceptual stuff :)

Sometimes what helps me is to keep things that irk me such as problems with computers and such is to put it all in a wider context of life and what the scope of some other people's real problems are (starvation, being shot and killed for voicing one's desire for political freedom, rape, injustice, loss of family member or spouse or close friend, floods, tsnunamis, etc...).

That puts things in perspective and helps me see how trivial some things are -- even if important to certain aspects of our lives, i.e. video editing. Once I can get a bit of distance, I can actually gently laugh at myself for getting all riled up over whatever it was. I can even forgive myself as well as the other person for the tempest in a teapot :o)

Just my two cents.

~ Philip

MUTTLEY wrote on 1/28/2012, 10:05 PM

Though I don't doubt that what I said may have been lost in translation, most likely due to a poor choice of words or inarticulation on my part, but that is exactly what my initial request was hoping to avoid.

- Ray
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i am erikd wrote on 1/28/2012, 10:33 PM
Soniclight, I couldn't agree more. Muttley started the personal attacks from the beginning against me. That is a fact.

MUTTLEY wrote on 1/28/2012, 10:40 PM

lol ... refraining from further comment =)

- Ray
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Soniclight wrote on 1/28/2012, 11:56 PM
In my many years on the Net -- including being a moderator -- I learned one thing the hard way: it doesn't matter who starts, it's who continues that matters. If I feed somethin', it'll just keep breedin'. As humanoid bipeds, sometimes its difficult to resist the temptation to say... just one more thing.

In fact, it's time for me to shut up here too.
Cuz we iz way, way off topic now.

Hasta la sometime somewhere else, boys :)

i am erikd wrote on 1/29/2012, 12:11 AM
Don Sweger, okay to add your name to the "we want an update to V10" list?

deusx wrote on 1/29/2012, 3:59 AM
It's just a bug like any other and I'm sure everybody could have found a workaround or just pay $150 for the upgrade now that it is fixed. It's called Vegas Pro and if you can't spend $150 on an upgrade what kind of Pros are we talking about here.

Most other companies have software with just as many or more bugs which are just as bad and they make you pay through the nose for upgrades, usually 3 to 6 X what Sony charges or yearly $800 + subscriptions.

Requesting another Vegas 10 update is ridiculous. It just isn't going to happen and it shouldn't unless it's something that can be done in under an hour. It's waste of time.
No company would give it to you so why should Sony?

Just upgrade to 11 or buy AVID or Adobe stuff and see how well that works and move on.
John_Cline wrote on 1/29/2012, 4:31 AM
Erik, if history is any indicator, you probably shouldn't hold your breath. In the previous 10 versions of Vegas over the last 11 years there has never been an update released for a previous version.
i am erikd wrote on 1/29/2012, 5:05 AM
"It's just a bug like any other and I'm sure everybody could have found a workaround"

No it isn't. Have you had it happen to you? Sounds like you don't know too much about it. It is a devastating bug where clips that have been edited on the timeline are replaced by other media. The only workaround is to not only constantly save the project but to constantly save it under different names.

"It's called Vegas Pro and if you can't spend $150 on an upgrade..."

You are actually making my point for me here. It is my belief that the company crosses a red line if they believe it is acceptable to pay for an upgrade to fix a MAJOR BUG. It is reasonable to assume that any purchaser of any software will receive a FREE patch for any MAJOR BUG.

"...what kind of Pros are we talking about here."

As can be seen from the list from the thread
we have a large group of very experienced production personnel. I have been in this business professionally since 1980 and make a very, very good income. This isn't about $150 at all. I already own V11 and have installed it on a dedicated system for V11 however I can't edit my projects in V11 because of frequent crashing.

"Most other companies have software with just as many or more bugs which are just as bad...

I would be interested in hearing about any other software bug you know of which was "just as bad" that was never patched and could only be resolved through upgrading the software. A bug that causes potentially hours of lost work and comes without warning. I'm not saying this hasn't happened... I would just like to hear about it if you know of any specifics.

"Requesting another Vegas 10 update is ridiculous."

Not ridiculous at all... it would be the quite honorable thing for SCS to do in fixing this MAJOR BUG to show good faith to those who've purchased V10. It would go along way for me personally in trying to keep hope alive that Vegas has a future with V11 and beyond.

It just isn't going to happen and it shouldn't unless it's something that can be done in under an hour."

I don't know how long it will take them to make 10f but I think the "under and hour" limit is extreme. You wouldn't invest 1 or 2 days of work to fix a MAJOR BUG in your previous version? Seems like a great PR move at the very least at a relatively low cost to the company. There have been close to 50 Vegas users on this forum alone (I haven't counted those who posted on the COW and other sites) who have taken the time to post about this bug specifically. You would be hard pressed to find another single bug that got posts from 50 different users. This supports my claim that this is not "just another bug". This time is different.


i am erikd wrote on 1/29/2012, 5:19 AM

I understand and you are certainly not alone in the camp of those who say "this just doesn't happen" or "they won't do it". However, it doesn't persuade me at all to give up and to not pursue the release of 10f. The one thing that would help heal the wound is if we could get a strong consensus of users talking about the reliability of V11. If we start hearing about V11 being rock steady and a real workhorse then I will be much more willing to forgive and forget. Don't worry, I know that you and some others have said that V11 is working them.


John_Cline wrote on 1/29/2012, 7:01 AM
I didn't say it wouldn't happen, I said that if history was any indicator, it wasn't likely to happen.
Don Sweger wrote on 1/29/2012, 12:38 PM
Yes. You can add me to the list of those who think V10 should be patched for this bug.

I already purchased V11, and was simply waiting until it stabilized a little to start using it in production. Although, if I had noticed this was supposed to be fixed in V11, I may have abandoned V10 earlier.

As it stands, I'm installing V11 at this time and I'll see if I happen to be one of the lucky ones that it works smoothly...

i am erikd wrote on 1/29/2012, 12:58 PM
Thanks Don!
NickHope wrote on 1/30/2012, 8:50 AM
deusx wrote: It's called Vegas Pro and if you can't spend $150 on an upgrade what kind of Pros are we talking about here.

It's not as simple as that in my case. I'm running V10.0e on 2 extremely stable machines running XP. I do realise that one day I will have to upgrade my O/S but this stability has taken years to achieve and my other myriad of programs all run very happily on it. I REALLY don't want to move the whole shebang over to Windows 7 at the moment just because I'm forced to by Vegas 11. I'm working just with DV and HDV and there are no new features in V11 that interest me, other than this bug fix. So I really don't see why I should have to spend money and lots of time upgrading my O/S and Vegas version on 2 computers, and quite possibly some other hardware/software that doesn't like Windows 7, just so I can get this one bug fix.
Laurence wrote on 1/30/2012, 1:26 PM
I just downloaded a Pro Tools 9 update this morning. Yes Pro Tools 10 is out and being pushed by the company. No, the remaining fixes to the older version 9 are not being ignored. I'm just saying...