Great news from MAGIX!


Kimberly wrote on 5/30/2016, 8:29 AM
Thank you for sharing this information JR. It's good to hear Vegas will have new life and especially good to hear that Gary and the core team are going with our beloved Vegas!


ken c wrote on 5/30/2016, 9:26 AM
Who manages licensing & activation? When/if will it change?

Will this forum stay alive here?
Tim L wrote on 5/30/2016, 9:32 AM
@ken c: Those questions are addressed here in the Sony press release. Scroll down to the Q&A section at the bottom of the page:
cityanimal wrote on 5/30/2016, 10:05 AM
Thanks for the good news. I read about the sale of SCS assets this morning and briefly looked at the Magix website which didn't overly impress me. But hearing about Gary & his team's involvement has me singing another tune. I love Vegas Pro and want to stay with it. It looks to me like I will be able to do that.
HyperMedia wrote on 5/30/2016, 10:35 AM
One quick question... you may not have this answer right now. Will you now try to create a Mac version of Sony Vegas Pro?

I'm working with Catalyst suite... I'm editing in Sony Vegas Mac BootCamp(Windows) and rendering to XML so I can import into Mac Catalyst and master in ProRes.
Most TV channels I'm working with wants everything in ProRes so they can make changes if need be.
Earl_J wrote on 5/30/2016, 3:18 PM
* * *

I received the email today...

came to the forum to see how everyone was faring with the sad news...

only to discover there is no sad news to endure...


* * *
and it is going to a "software" home. . .

it's kinda like expecting the bus ride into the country,
after years in the trenches, would be to a retirement
home. . .

only to discover the peaceful country setting is actually
a clean-air, green-fresh-veggie-diet, and away-from-any-
distractions modern "rendering farm" through which
everything can begin anew. . .
using the raw footage from previous expeditions and
tailoring it a bit with all the desires, recommendations,
suggestions, opinions, and dreams of the long-lasting
friends, fans, and followers...
to build something new, exciting, and entertaining...

not to mention efficient, effective, and economical...


* * *
I came to share the grief . . .

only to discover yet another reason to celebrate
and rejoice in Vegas PRO usage and patronage. . .

* * *

yes, I'm thrilled. . . does it show...?

until that time. . .
John L Rice wrote on 5/30/2016, 4:48 PM
Well cool! I consider MAGIX' Samplitude to be my main DAW and Vegas to be my main NLE so, maybe in the future there will be so tight integration of the two? ;-)
zdogg wrote on 5/30/2016, 5:40 PM
As a long time Magix Samplitude (high end audio) user, as well as long time Vegas user, (mostly a musician who needs video from time to time), PC buff and Adobe Cloud subscriber, and now also Davinci Resolve "colorist" - I can say that this is a perfect marriage.

My take:

Just a Sonic foundry brought the straight forward audio mixer's mode of working on the timeline to video, ala Vegas and later Sony Vegas -

Samplitude and Sequoia have brought object based editing into the field of audio software, which basically allows any piece of audio that one would cut, say a single note, to become, like video event in Vegas, its own editable universe with its own mix, plugs, automation, sophisticated panning tools. Quite a bit similar to how Vegas treats an event, with its own efx selections, pan crop, time stretch, etc. ProTools is just now catching up to a practice that Magix has done from the beginning. Used to be Seq'd sofware. German, well engineered, built in high end efx, super clean audio engine. Loads of high end tools, Swiss army knife for audio.

There are quite frankly some ways of working in Samplitude that I would often wish for for Vegas, and those now may, indeed, come to be. We'll see.

Both (Sonic Foundry Vegas and Samp) are renowned for audio, but Samplitude/Sequoia is in its own league in some respects, every bit the program that ProTools is, with easier and more powerful editing. The Vienna Symphony series of VSTi Sampled Instruments, for example, was recorded and edited with Samp/Sequoia, Sequoia being the full package for broadcast (radio) and mastering, but essentially the same program, Quite a few mastering houses feature Sequoia. Sequoia is about $3000 to about $600 msr for Samplitude (though I've seen it much cheaper, special sales and what not).

Midi is really quite good with Samplitude, even a very decent Score editor.

With the ubiquity of ProTools, Samp/Sequoia seems to have settled for a role as a very fine boutique software, a little quirky but genius, very similar to Vegas' philosophy and relationship with their customer base; i.e., for those who realize its power, those customers are fine with the idea that you will be shuttling ideas, projects, files and EDLs between different programs to get the job done, sometimes, especially when dealing with clients' predetermined preferences and third party files. And, as well, you can very efficiently carry on with just your main software of choice and produce high end results, perhaps moreso with the (Samp) audio side of things than video for the present discussion.

Audio guru and Motown Hitsville engineer Bob Ohlsson shuttle projects between ProTools and his preferred Samplitude, for example, but only because PT is what you are dealing with in Pro Audio, no way around that. Same with video, and Vegas, of course, makes some accommodations for that reality, though that is always going to be an area for improvement.

One more (perhaps more controversial) take:

'Samplitude for Rent' was an optional way of obtaining that program way before these 'subscription series' everyone seems to hate.

To the haters:

I get it. I understand your distaste for that very idea. And there may be, if fact, no "subscription" pending. It could be an option if it ever does come up. But, if it does, here are some reasons you may want to 'rethink:'

1. People can get in cheaper, hence, more user base = better for the development budgets and their planning, Money and user base = good thing for all involved, this is not a one way street.

2. Software is developed with the mindset of that user base, not dangling new "bells
and whistles" out there to entice new "would be users," which usually have nothing to do with
productivity, i.e., the core of the software, the heavy lifting bread and butter stuff -it simply becomes the case of the marketing dept. exerting a lot of control over development. Bad use of resources and keeps base continually frustrated. Hence, all the bitching and moaning on forums such as this (maybe people really enjoy that!! got to keep that as a real possiblity!!).

3. I paid NO MORE money ($20/mo) than what other users paid if they upgraded with each new major release, (usually 200 bucks about every year) and I got the upgrade before the other users. In fact, I paid less, because I didn't pay the heavy 'entry fee' - i.e., orig. purchase price. ($600)

4. Boutique products need a firm expectation of income, and that means they can count on, and it helps the product be sustainable, and it helps YOU, the end user, as you don't have the product become the **** stepchild of a SONY.

5. So I see it as a WIN-WIN...end of story. (I of course, do understand that most here have bought and paid for SVP, and it wasn't exactly cheap, and my advocacy would certainly contain provisos taking that into account moving forward).
Elizabeth Lowrey wrote on 5/30/2016, 6:32 PM
I'm so pleased to see this news, especially after reading some of the comments from insiders here. I LOVE Vegas with a passion but was about ready to abandon it because it hasn't grown with my needs for several releases and is buggier now than it ever was for the first 7-8 years I used it.

I especially hope the sale to a SOFTWARE company means that they will put a premium on supporting the camera technologies that progressive users want. While I've been able to edit RED Epic footage in Vegas, it lacks many of the tools that would make it more attractive to do so, and I hope the new owner puts special attention on making Vegas as attractive a platform for RED owners as Adobe from a RAW workflow and integration standpoint.

Look forward to more news!
Earl_J wrote on 5/30/2016, 7:58 PM
Thanks for sharing your take on the merger. . .

I'm more excited than earlier...
I didn't understand what a powerhouse MAGIX brings to the audio side
of video and other endeavors...
I was considering voice over endeavors... but was not thrilled with
audio capture and editing workflow in Vegas Pro...

It appears my problem should be solved for both audio and future
video projects as well. . .

Thanks again. . .
hodges wrote on 5/31/2016, 1:47 AM
Looking forward to the new developments with Vegas - This is exciting news!
I'm still cautiously optimistic but really happy to see forward progress :)
R0cky wrote on 5/31/2016, 4:01 PM
just to add my voice to the long list. It is great to hear the Magix and Gary are committed to this. Vegas is still the best video editor there is. I've tried and left Edius, premier, and resolve.

thanks team!
bigrock wrote on 5/31/2016, 5:23 PM
I wonder what this means for those of us still using CineScore, that was not included in the list. Are we going to able to reinstall CineScore we move to a new machine?
ushere wrote on 5/31/2016, 7:14 PM
+1 cinescore
JohnnyRoy wrote on 6/1/2016, 12:33 AM
> "I wonder what this means for those of us still using CineScore, that was not included in the list. Are we going to able to reinstall CineScore we move to a new machine?"

Cinescore was officially discontinued by Sony which is why it is not on the list. I wouldn't expect support for discontinued products.

If you want this capability, I would seriously take a look at SmartSound Sonicfire Pro. That product has fairly good integration with Vegas Pro.

bigrock wrote on 6/2/2016, 11:13 AM
SonicFire Pro has too many licensing issues with it's music - won't touch it. Cinescore still works as a standalone just fine, and that is how I use it. But like I said will I be able to reinstall when I move to a new machine is the question?
FixitMad0 wrote on 6/2/2016, 2:19 PM

+1 on Cinescore. I also still use this software and hope that Magix will at least consider bringing this back along with maybe Siren Jukebox.

It would be a nice gesture if Magix could somehow re-release the Theme Packs for Cinescore since it was pulled pretty quickly. I would love to get my hands on more of the Theme Packs I'm missing.

Chanimal wrote on 6/4/2016, 6:42 AM
Thanks for the update - good news. Been a Vegas user since 1.5 (just as 2.0 came out). 2002 - along with some of the other regulars. Don't post as much as I used to - too swamped with my consulting business, vs the video production side. Would hate to ever have to learn another application (vs 14 years with Vegas).
dxdy wrote on 6/4/2016, 8:40 AM
I also still use Cinescore, and I hope the licensing issue will be dealt with for installs on replacement computers.
zdogg wrote on 6/4/2016, 1:48 PM
Suggest Earl that you try some of their demos, video and audio...the Pro X Suite gives a few more plugins that Samplitude Pro doesn't have, on the audio only side (well, they provide for a video channel, just to sync to.)

On Magix' video offerings, the higher end (for them, really not too high end ala Premier or even Vegas) they incorporate the Samplitude style editing, and even have direct linkage to Samplitude, as some of the code is "shared."I heard that anyway...I don't really use their video stuff, but I have demo'd it just to check it out. But even now, their audio in the video editor is top flight.

In the NLE video world, Vegas, audio-wise, is actually a lot better than just about anything else out there, with the probable exception of Magix and Avid offerings. Way better than Premiere, for example. Of course, as you'd probably know, Vegas is a video editor added on to an already developed Soundforge audio editor framework, that is why so many audio people like it, it behaves more like an audio editing software.
Westside Steve wrote on 6/5/2016, 10:22 AM
Out of curiosity I'm guessing that Sony will continue with catalyst, so Vegas will be making adjustments to compete, right?
Best of luck Magix, and thanks for the life preserver!

VMP wrote on 6/5/2016, 11:15 AM
Why should Vegas compete with Catalyst?
Beside that both are products from 'SCS' at this moment, comparing them is like comparing oranges and olives.

Westside Steve wrote on 6/5/2016, 6:06 PM
I just assumed, quite possibly incorrectly, that they were both similar types of video production programs. Catalyst might have done something that Vegas didn't and that's the way Sony was moving?
I didn't realize they were so dissimilar.