ZippyGaloo wrote on 9/30/2003, 8:36 PM
In the Video Preview Window select "BEST" as your Preview Quality. Select a clip in the timeline and open it in the trimmer. Now hit the play button in the trimmer to play the clip in the trimmer, WHILE IT IS PLAYING hit the play button in the timeline to play the clip in the timline (so they both are playing at the same time). Now stop both clips. Your Video Preview is NOW AT THE POOREST QUAILTY even thought "BEST" is selected as your Preview Quailty.

Wait I'm not a Beta Tester...what am I doing!!

Vegas isn't a BETA....is it? No come really?!!


cyanide149 wrote on 9/30/2003, 8:42 PM
What exactly are you doin, zippy? You need help, and right away...
Sab wrote on 9/30/2003, 8:49 PM
I think I can help you here.

Don't try to play both things at the same time. Why in the hell would you want to do that anyway? I'm sure if you poke around enough you can find even more creative ways to be annoying.

scotty_dvc80 wrote on 9/30/2003, 9:07 PM
If Zippy doesnt like Vegas all that much then how is it that he seems to find all these obscure bugs and issues only a seaoned Pro would know what he was talking about?? Zippy loves Vegas.. We all know he does.. Thanks for your support Zippy although strangely manifested... lol
busterkeaton wrote on 9/30/2003, 9:14 PM



Matt_Iserman wrote on 9/30/2003, 9:22 PM
I just tried to replicate your bug with no success. Keep in mind that any problem you have may not necessarily be due to the software.

With that said, you should contact Sony directly and report your problem so that they can take a look.

And be sure to keep us posted as to your progress.

Matt Iserman
John_Cline wrote on 9/30/2003, 9:30 PM
If you found a bug, then take a newspaper, roll it up and swat the bug with it. Problem solved. Now, shut the **** up!

rextilleon wrote on 9/30/2003, 10:11 PM
I found a bug--a roach to be exact---Zippy!
wobblyboy wrote on 9/30/2003, 10:18 PM
It's amazing that soemeone can waste that much time and energy trying to find a bug in Vegas and still not come up with a real bug.
GaryKleiner wrote on 9/30/2003, 11:18 PM
I hope Zippy keeps posting, if only to help Buster to keep coming up with his hilarious 'Rub Stix' commentary.


mchaboud wrote on 9/30/2003, 11:36 PM
Don't listen to their ridicule. Though certain user actions may not have been anticipated, any action (or series of actions) that can be taken within the constraints of the application as implemented is valid. If there is a simple workaround (i.e. Don't do that...), then a given bug is less likely to receive immediate attention. That doesn't keep it from being a bug.

Detailed descriptions of error cases help refine the software and are always welcome.
BillyBoy wrote on 9/30/2003, 11:56 PM
It isn't what Zippy says, rather HOW is says it. Always bitching. Frequently all caps, known as and frowned on as shouting. That's all he does. He hasn't contributed anything to the forum but noise resulting in him getting the reputation he has.

If Zippy would spend half as much time learning the application as he does whining about the inconsequentiality of minor shortcomings of what he is quick to label "bugs" frequently due to his own ignorance of what the application can and can't do he'd better serve himself. Instead he's become the punching boy. He has nobody to blame for that but himself.

The fact is any number of people here could put together a much longer list of peccadillos we're aware of, but they are of no real consequence and hardly worth mentioning. That's true of almost all applications.

What Zippy does with great relish and delight is to go out of his way looking for what's becoming increasingly irrelevant faults, real or imagined. That suggests Zippo is one of the following or a combination.

a. just your garden variety troll looking to get a rise out of people.
b. a disgruntled ex employee
c. a "plant" assigned here by a competitor
d. someone with way too much free time on his hands

rmack350 wrote on 10/1/2003, 12:40 AM

This is far-fetched. It's like complaining that a gun blows your brains out when you use it to shoot yourself in the head.

Don't do it and you won't have any trouble. I'm sure you can get used to stopping playback before you play things in the trimmer. You can't be that scatterbrained.

But if you want a rant about the trimmer I'll say that the only reason it's there is that an NLE is supposed to have a trimmer. There aren't many compelling reasons to use Vegas' trimmer-except that I think you, Zippy, have a need for markers in the media files.

I think that's about to change though if I read a post from SonyEPS right.

Rob Mack
Grazie wrote on 10/1/2003, 12:45 AM
BB - There is a 5th element I would add to your analysis. One with which I kinda approach with quite a bit of trepidation. I don't think that here is the place to voice it. Suffice it to say, Zipps wishes understanding . . . . probably much more than a purely technical forum such as this can provide . . . for this reason, and this reason only I'm glad he is here - erm "chatting" to us.

Apart from the "way" he puts stuff across, sometimes, in there, is the kernal of some truths . . . I think we are "bigger" than we give credit to ourselves, I know I can deal with the CAPITALS - doesn't worry me . . I've started to appreciate where Zipps is coming from . . . . Bigger? Perhaps I mean "smaller" . . . get my drift here?

There are a lot of good people hereabouts - BB yourself much included here.

"Instead he's become the punching boy. He has nobody to blame for that but himself." - Not always, I'd go further, often the case . . there is a reason why someone wants acknowledgement . . not always in the ways you and I may search it out - yeah?

"Healing" sometimes aint just about recovering from a physical manifestation. There are other types healing required, for other types of trauma.

BB, I did like what you said, it has raised this discussion to a level which I thought would not happen. Good man . . .

My very best regards,

Stiffler wrote on 10/1/2003, 1:55 AM
""I don't think you should be able to play BOTH the timeline and the TRIMMER at once because you are obviously only capable of watching/working with one at a time!!!""

Hey, you answered your own question before you even asked it!

I don't think you need these forums anymore...you have graduated!

Good luck out there, Zippy!

mark30 wrote on 10/1/2003, 3:54 AM
Zippy is right. You can actually play them both at the same time. Playing both clips at the same time is very useful if you.. if you... eehm.. want to see which clip ends sooner??

I don't know why you can play them both at the same time, so I don't see why this is a bug. Why is it a bug Zippy?

Besides that.. Vegas is sooooo superb.. it's the only NLE that can play both trimmer and timeline at the same time ;)

ZippyGaloo wrote on 10/1/2003, 4:25 AM
Mark, read the post. It DESCRIBES THE BUG!!!

mark30 wrote on 10/1/2003, 4:37 AM
Zippy READ!

THE BUG IS THERE IF YOU PLAY THEM BOTH.. WHY WOULD YOU PLAY THEM BOTH???? if you play them one at a time there's no bug. And since you don't need to play them at the same time... there IS NO BUG!
cyanide149 wrote on 10/1/2003, 5:25 AM
You are a bug
mcgeedo wrote on 10/1/2003, 8:29 AM
Zippy, I was just wondering... Have you ever actually edited any video? I mean, do you have a demo reel or something we might look at? It often seems that you spend a great deal of time trying various things in an effort to find problems. Maybe this is a bad perception on my part; maybe you are actually doing video work that is so comprehensive that you end up using obscure features, control combinations, etc.

So, Zip, what do you think? Can we see some of your work or what?
busterkeaton wrote on 10/1/2003, 9:01 AM
Jay Gladwell wrote on 10/1/2003, 10:29 AM

Rob, you've reminded me of the old joke:

A man goes into his doctor and tells him, "When I raise my arm over my head, it makes my shoulder hurt."

The doctor shot back, "Then don't raise your arm over your head."

BTW, Zippy, would you be willing to do some beta testing with Rob's gun? ;o)
J_Mac wrote on 10/1/2003, 10:40 AM
Zip, I followed the directions in your first post and could not reproduce your result. My preview window remained at best full. Have you applied any other parameters to your clip on the TL, that would overload your preview system? Good Luck John.
ZippyGaloo wrote on 10/1/2003, 11:30 AM
If you edit faster THAN MY GRANDMA!!!, then sometimes you accidently get them both (TRIMMER AND TIMELINE) going at the same time. THE BUG IS THERE!!!

ZippyGaloo wrote on 10/1/2003, 11:31 AM
I'd like to see what YOU'VE done as well.