I will not have Net Notify


mark2929 wrote on 5/29/2004, 6:07 AM
I think it trys to work at a Subliminal level You hear it see it enough times it becomes Familiar and then when you want that particular product you will pick the one that is Familiar even if your not sure why...
filmy wrote on 5/29/2004, 8:33 PM
As I have been rebuilding my system I was going over the notes for XP SP2. It is is not suggested to do so in a production system thusly I probably am not going to do it - but a few things made me think about this thread.

SP2 has new auto update feature -
Install Updates at Shutdown

And I found this little insatll note interesting in light of this thread - and keep in mind something important that this says - words to look for here are "...is sent to Microsoft only if you click..."

Sending Installation Data to Microsoft
rextilleon wrote on 5/29/2004, 9:19 PM
I wasn't raised to worship the holy dollar. I was raised to worship Marllyn Monroe!
kentwolf wrote on 5/29/2004, 9:59 PM
>>I know I did not turn on the option to recieve net notifications in
>>Vegas. Someone else did. And by doing that...

There are two options; ON or OFF.

If ON by default...well, we have the current thread.

If OFF by default (and never turned on) people would be complaining that they were not notified about a possible upgrade, update, etc. If OFF by default, people may miss the deadline to upgrade at a discounted price.

I remember people complaining about how they were not notified about upgrading to Sound Forge 7 from Sound Forge Studio ($69.97) for only $99.00. $168.97 versus nearly $400. I think some people even haven't yet received their upgrade announcement to Vegas 5.

Which ever way you go, one camp will be mad.

In my opinion, in light of the current issues in the world, this seems a rather small issue; whether a check box is on or off by default.

(If you are running some firewalls, you should be able to block incoming messages on whatever port its using.)