Intel i9 9900K processor review using Vegas Pro


fr0sty wrote on 3/10/2019, 1:33 PM

I'd hold off for those 3rd gen threadrippers for your other workstation.

And why is that?

If they're wanting to see better performance in Vegas with that line of CPUs before taking the plunge, the best bet would be to wait for the new architecture to drop.

TheRhino wrote on 3/15/2019, 8:36 PM

Reasons for ME to choose 9900K over Threadripper:

  • Faster SINGLE thread performance benefits my CURRENT apps...
    (at least one app is about 1.5X faster vs. Threaderipper 1950X/2950X...)
  • No known issues with older, proprietary apps I still need...
    (It is what it is... With AMD things are running fine until they're not...)
  • Thunderbolt 3 capable NOW
  • <$1000 to upgrade CPU/MB/RAM/COOLER

Shortcomings of 9900K:

  • HUGE for me=Lack of PCIe lanes. Partly overcome by Asus WS Z390's PLX chip...
  • Lack of bifurcation needed for M.2 PCIe RAID cards, etc...
  • LGA 1151 socket's limited upgrade path...
  • And yes, new architecture is always around the corner, like PCIe 4.0 & ZEN2.
    BUT, ZEN2 will likely not play nicely with my proprietary single-threaded apps...