Latest GPU Radeon RX470 4GB to old Mainboard Intel DX58SO2 issue

set wrote on 8/28/2016, 9:26 AM

I'm about to upgrade my GPU to the latest RX470 4GB (PCI Express 3 slot), install on my old Mainboard Intel DX58SO2 (PCI Express 2 slot) replacing my old Radeon HD5750 1GB.

Unfortunately, when turned on, the monitor only turn on very few seconds during startup, and then turn off again.

> On this recorded demo, the boot up got halted by BIOS notification that last booting didn't complete and asking to go into BIOS or just go with last-saved BIOS setting. If not halted by BIOS notification, the booting will go all the way into loading Windows 10, and you will know about it when hearing Windows Start up.


I'm afraid that the mainboard is too old and not able to support this new GPU 😭 - but want to hear any recommendation for this or perhaps alternative video card with 4GB (AMD preferred) that able to support this old mainboard. (I'm not ready to invest a whole new system that include a full mainboard replacement - Not Now! 😱)


set wrote on 8/30/2016, 11:43 AM

problem solved

Need to update the mainboard BIOS.

 - case closed


Comment and experience of RX470:

Using VP13.453, so far so good, the preview and playback speed in Vegas Pro is faster then older Radeon HD5750, and now I can working in 32bit floating point Video Level pixel format color space (previously only 8bit).

As for rendering, I lost the Mainconcept AVC/MVC GPU rendering capability as this was hardware-coded (so my rendering time now with CPU only is about 1:4), but found the alternate way by using SonyAVC. My previous 'large / big renders' had few 100% GPU load, but it's rarely happening, doesn't interrupting anything. I need to do multiple output to DVD, Blu-ray, and MP4, so I better render whole timeline to Sony AVCHD format, process whole those FXs, color corrections, etc. and from Sony AVCHD, render to my targets. Roughly:

  • AVCHD>DVD (2pass) : 1:1 - (if DVD is just 1pass render - I believe I can reach 1:0.5)
  • AVCHD>SonyAVC Blu-ray : 1:2
  • AVCHD>SonyAVC MP4 (Internet template) : 1:1.5

For DaVinci Resolve, I still learn for the optimized-worfklow.

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