Live Stream from Boris FX with Gary Rebholz today

VEGASDerek wrote on 8/30/2023, 11:46 AM

Today at 2pm EDT, Boris FX will be hosting a live stream on How to use Mocha in VEGAS Pro. Gary Rebholz, VEGAS Creative Software's CPO, will be talking with the Boris team on the ins and outs of this powerful workflow for our users. For more information on this event, please check out or go to .


fhu wrote on 8/30/2023, 1:07 PM


Seb-o wrote on 8/31/2023, 2:25 PM

Mocha always has had very sharp demonstrators for their products, usually women. Always impressive as is the product itself. I've used Mocha a fair amount - via Mocha After Effects, included as part of AE, not the full Mocha, just as this Vegas Mocha is not the full version, but powerful all the same. The Vegas integration is clean and clever, and is actually better than AE integration. This speaks, I'm sure, to the long standing relation with Mocha, though this is the first integration that is not a pricey add-on, ala Mocha for Vegas, which is, I'm thinking, their full version with some "for Vegas" adaptations. I think it has been priced - most often at least - north of $600.

It appeals to me there are other ways to create the masking of the old sign, but I very much like her technique and it goes, at least to some degree, beyond my own after many years compositing in Vegas, and I hope that says more about HER ability to adapt to this tool rather than my lack thereof. I'm always eager to learn. KUDOS to all involved. Anyway, she is impressive.

Gary, I think you explained the " mojo" of Vegas, and quite well, towards those with no previous exposure to Vegas, but didn't it take a while to get there? The part about uniquely and cleverly utilizing the DAW paradigm vs. the more rigid conformance to the analog video editing models that had begun to appear on the market at the time Vegas moved into that marketplace. I think this would be something that should go way up front and be almost like an elevator pitch, not something that comes seven minutes in. I guess I'm asking you to channel your inner Tony Robbins...ahahaha....maybe use the phrase "WYSIWYG," this, at least for me, explains that Vegas user experience to which you allude ....anyway, very good presentation all around.

Reyfox wrote on 9/1/2023, 11:06 AM

I enjoyed the presentation. The young lady admitted she hasn't been using Vegas that long and hinted about working with Nuke. But either way, she moved around in VP21 and not one "hiccup" or "white screen of death". Performance on her laptop was quite good. Of course, her skill with Mocha and the speed that she used it shows she has skills and knows where she is going.

As for Gary... he slowed the pace down, which for me was good. Hearing the stories of how things came about was also interesting. It's good to hear the back story behind Vegas and where it is goind.

I was quite excited to see this presentation and will be watching the tutorials with earnest. And being I have Continuum Complete 2023.5, Mocha is a part of a lot of it.

Now... integration into Vegas Effects?