MagicYUV codec coming on strong for 4K


Former user wrote on 4/21/2019, 12:00 PM

I downloaded the “ultimate” MagicYUV today, good value at $14.00. I found, as mentioned in this thread earlier, that it still cannot process 10 bit, error appears.

Anyway I added it to the Happy Otter and ffmpeg tables. The original source file is 422 10 bit and I could only output 422 8 bit, so maybe it might do better otherwise? the intermediates are 422 10bit. I found it essential to check the full range box in the configuration setting, otherwise the result was quite a bit lower, the source is full range.

Below is a multi generation table, i.e. comparing 1st and 3rd. generation to the original using the HO and ffmpeg tools.