Magix Vegas Pro This issue is a major accident.

yoo-changyun wrote on 5/3/2023, 10:30 PM

I think there should be an official explanation and apology for this Vegas Pro boot problem. This is a big accident.

Hobby users can understand this issue, but
For users who use Vegas Pro for work, this problem is a major accident and damage.
What I feel about this problem is that users find a solution faster than Vegas admins.

There is no official apology or solution from the head office, and users are more busy.

In addition to this, Vegas Pro has large and small errors that are inconvenient, but we are waiting for a fix. I love Vegas Pro.
As it awaits, this is a catastrophic accident that is simply not worth the inconvenience.

We hope this never happens again to our paid members using Vegas Pro.

The Magics department should thank Vegas users for posting Vegas Pro issues on the forums in various ways. Please promise a quick official explanation and apology for recovery.


Mike wrote on 5/3/2023, 11:32 PM

My Vegas Pro 19 won't boot up. It happened today, it had been working for a year, what's up ? I deleted the program and tryed to download it again and it doesn't download, what's with that ? I been using Vegas for around 15 years and use it for busness , I need to get it to work.


Kimberly-Durecki wrote on 5/3/2023, 11:36 PM

SAME THING JUST HAPPENED TO ME! I was working on a project and it stopped working. Could not boot up Vegas pro 19. I tried to reinstall and it would not let me. Hours of working on this and then I finally caved in and purchased and downloaded pro 20 hoping it would work AND NO SUCH LUCK! HELP HELP PLEASE. I am on a deadline.

RogerS wrote on 5/3/2023, 11:38 PM

Look at the next post down which has two workarounds. Don't reinstall, just change the date or disconnect the internet

Custom PC (2022) Intel i5-13600K with UHD 770 iGPU with latest driver, MSI z690 Tomahawk motherboard, 64GB Corsair DDR5 5200 ram, NVIDIA 2080 Super (8GB) with latest studio driver, 2TB Hynix P41 SSD, Windows 11 Pro 64 bit

Dell XPS 15 laptop (2017) 32GB ram, NVIDIA 1050 (4GB) with latest studio driver, Intel i7-7700HQ with Intel 630 iGPU (latest available driver), dual internal SSD (1TB; 1TB), Windows 10 64 bit

VEGAS Pro 19.651
VEGAS Pro 20.411
VEGAS Pro 21.208

Try the
VEGAS 4K "sample project" benchmark:
VEGAS Pro 20 "Ad" benchmark:

yoo-changyun wrote on 5/3/2023, 11:48 PM

That method is a stopgap. I also turn off the internet and use it, but this is not a fundamental solution.
In fact, it's such a shame as a Vegas Pro user that this kind of problem occurs.

DStiles wrote on 5/3/2023, 11:49 PM

Yes, I can confirm changing the date and time to 2022 works, so you don't have to disconnect the internet completely. Make sure you change it when launching the application and then when you're in you can change it back to 2023, which allows you to get back on the internet as well. I think the connection with the Vegas Hub keeps it from opening. Vegas Pro will have to fix it on their end tomorrow hopefully.