Making DVD Architect Load Markers from Audio Files

john_dennis wrote on 12/2/2022, 9:19 AM

I received a private message from someone in France about a demo that I posted years ago where I showed how to make DVD Architect accept markers from audio files rendered from Vegas Pro.

So I don't have to do it all over again, I'm posting it here. Excuse the noise of me drinking my coffee.


rtbond wrote on 12/11/2022, 9:15 AM

Thanks John. This saved me a lot of time.

Rob Bond

My System Info:

  • Vegas Pro 20 Build 411
  • OS: Windows 11.0 Home (64-bit), Version: 10.0.22621 Build 22621
  • Processor: i9-10940X CPU @ 3.30GHz (14 core)
  • Physical memory: 64GB (Corsair Vengeance LPX 64GB (2 x 32GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 memory kit)
  • Motherboard Model: MSI x299 Creator (MS-7B96)
  • GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER XC ULTRA (Studio Driver Version =  536.40)
  • Storage: Dual Samsung 970 EVO 1TB SSD (boot and Render); WDC WD4004FZWX, 7200 RPM (media)
  • Primary Display: Dell UltraSharp 27, U2723QE, 4K monitor with 98% DCI-P3 and DisplayHDR 400 with Dell Display Manager
  • Secondary Display: LG 32UK550-B, entry-level 4k/HDR-10 level monitor, @95% DCI-P3 coverage
john_dennis wrote on 12/11/2022, 2:32 PM

You're quite welcome.