.mov crashing computer and not playing video

jcarstenm wrote on 10/30/2014, 9:38 AM
I know, you've heard this question a gazillion times. I can tell from the countless threads across all corners of the internet I have trawled through. I haven't been able to find the solution though, so I?fm praying someone can help me here.

I am living an absolute nightmare with .mov files at the moment with Sony Vegas Pro 12 (build 770, 64 bit). They were taken from an iPhone 5 and when I press ctrl+I in Quicktime it tells me the format is H.264. Standard for iPhone I believe. The problem manifests itself in a few different ways, however it is essentially as follows:

If I import one .mov file at a time into SVP, each video will play perfectly. I can drag into the timeline, see the video and edit. Once I exceed a certain number of imported .mov files into the project however, the newer videos being added will play audio only and display as a green thumbnail (or just a video reel icon) in the project media tab. Dragged onto the timeline the video will either be green or black.

If I try to add a batch of .mov files at a time, SVP usually crashes (or at least I think it crashes – it doesn?ft say not responding in SVP or the task manager and when I close from task manager, it closes instantly as if I was closing normally). I can get off with importing the first 15 or so .mov files, but when I start to import more after that initial batch the same problems happen. Bottom line -- whether adding videos individually or by batch, around 15 .mov files is about my limit before SVP gives up and crashes, or starts displaying the newer files without video.

There are no ?gbad clips?h. Each .mov file will play perfectly if it is one of the first 15 or so imported into SVP. My computer is not the problem either. I?fve just come off a 65GB wedding project utilising three professional cameras. This video is 6GB with only 3GB taken from my iPhone. It?fs amateur footage from our honeymoon. My computer has 16GB RAM, i7-4790CPU @3.60GH so this is definitely not the problem.

I?fm just totally confused as to why all of the files will play perfectly on my computer - any of the files will play perfectly in Sony Vegas Pro if they?fre one of the first .mov files imported into the project – yet these same files will either crash SVP or drop the video (i.e. display green or black in the timeline) if they?fre added to a project with 15 or so .mov files already there. :(

I can?ft remember if I?fve edited .mov files previously. I don?ft think I ever have.

I am using iTunes version QuickTime version 7.7.6. A similar problem also happens on my laptop, which runs iTunes version and QuickTime version 7.7.5.

I would dearly appreciate any feedback on how I can overcome this hugely frustrating problem. This has been a very useful platform for me in the past to solve problems so here?fs hoping I can get lucky again.

Thanks a lot


john_dennis wrote on 10/30/2014, 10:05 AM
Read this thread. I believe I read that it is a limitation in the implementation of Quicktime, but you probably want to get right to the fix.

Convert the individual files into some other wrapper.

[B]Possible options:[/B]


Sony MXF


Download the GoPro Studio software and use the free Cineform codec.
Chanimal wrote on 2/8/2015, 10:40 PM
Old thread but I am shocked this hasn't been resolved. I downloaded video taken with an iPhone 6. I bring it into the timeline and it works--for awhile. Then I get audio for only black video.

I uninstalled Quicktime (the latest 7.6?) and used Alternative Quicktime and it works. But when I try to render it freezes.

I am trying to help my son with a school project and am dead in the water. I tried it on my main computer (all high end (4 monitors, etc.) and then on my dedicated video editing (minimum apps on it - completely optimized for video) and the same problem.

What PIECE OF TRASH Vegas and Quicktime! It opens outside of Vegas just fine--but not in Vegas. I have tried about 10 different work arounds for the last several hours and nothing can get this junk to work.

I can convert the iphone 6 HD file to another format outside of Vegas--but then would have to completely re-edit everything. It is LATE at night, my son is panicing because he can't get his project done.

Sony - you know this is a problem... not using MOV files is not an option. Unbelievable.
john_dennis wrote on 2/8/2015, 11:13 PM
"[I]I can convert the iphone 6 HD file to another format outside of Vegas--but then would have to completely re-edit everything.[/I]

You don't have to re-edit everything. Convert to another format and rename the iPhone 6 files or the whole folder so that Vegas can't find them. When you get the message from Vegas that it can't find the files, just point to the converted files.
megabit wrote on 2/9/2015, 2:03 AM
... or Replace them in the Project Media Bin.
ddm wrote on 2/9/2015, 2:22 PM
>>>... or Replace them in the Project Media Bin.

Exactly. What a great feature. Been using it for years.
Chanimal wrote on 2/9/2015, 10:01 PM
The work around was to re-edit the entire document in iMovie. Then, when I only had ONE file, I brought it into Vegas and it read it (with Quicktime). I then re-rendered the video to an MP4 format and proceeded to finish the project.
James Moore wrote on 2/12/2015, 3:18 PM
I just stumbled across this thread. Any fix yet?

Unfortunately for me the work around is not a workable solution for me.

I purchased (recently) Vegas Pro 13 to use as my main editor because it did XML , it talked reasonably with Blackmagic Resolve, and Plural Eyes worked for Vegas.

I've slapped all my cash down for these products but now I've run into this 'bug' It is a real problem:

I'm trying to roundtrip files from Resolve to Vegas and then back to Resolve for final color correction.

I need Resolve to handle DNG sequences and create proxies (H264 - MPEG4 does not play back well or look good in Vegas). I then need to edit with these proxies, export an XML and do final color in Resolve.

I can't even get past the first step which is loading a bunch of H264's in Vegas so I can sync the sound with Plural Eyes.

Do any Sony techs pay attention to this forum?
Is there a way of getting decent tech support from Sony?

I'm new to this Sony family and things are starting off....ummmm, problematically. I hope I don't have to go to Premiere to see if I can get the bloody path to work...
chucky wrote on 2/24/2015, 7:47 AM
This is a massive problem, this should be fixed as a priority or just retire the whole Vegas line as obsolete. This is not what a Pro editing application should fail at.
Stringer wrote on 2/24/2015, 11:12 AM
You want Sony to go all-out to fix another company's incompatibility with Sony's software?
ushere wrote on 2/24/2015, 4:48 PM
i can't believe this thread - simply transcode to another format...

all things quicktime are usually a problem outside of mac's (or maybe not - i've never even bothered working with .mov - i simply transcode directly to .mxf)

as stringer states, why should sony waste time and resources fixing someone else's software?