Multiple Previous Versions of Vegas Pro

GaryAshorn wrote on 9/9/2020, 12:22 PM

I have used VV since the beginning. My present computer has versions 14 and 17 installed. I just downloaded Version 18. Question is previous Vegas versions of the suite had different offerings etc. that came with it. VV18 is no different. I usually keep previous versions running until I know the latest is working good. Now I want to do some drive clean up on earlier versions. If I do an uninstall of say VV14, what about previous extras I had like Boris and others. How do I keep other programs offered? Would it be better to just blow them all away and then install latest version plus any previous add on programs I have? Also, VV18 came with SF14. I already bought it the year before. Now sure on installation if needed that comes with VV18. Thanks


john_dennis wrote on 9/9/2020, 12:53 PM


I start from scratch every four years when I replace machines. Between hardware refreshes, I let the Vegas versions accumulate. I save a system image with every Vegas version installed and configured. I only install a new version on that clean system image that hasn't been polluted by months of running or other stupid human tricks.

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GaryAshorn wrote on 9/9/2020, 3:38 PM

thanks and yes, I have done the same as you on new machines. But I am still using my present machine so wanting to clean up the past so to speak and move to VV18 without losing past extras that we got. I assume I could just uninstall all my Vegas programs and subsequent extras, then install VV18 and reinstall any older extras along with the newest ones I am getting.

michael-harrison wrote on 9/10/2020, 9:15 AM

It also depends on *how* you got the third party tools.

If they were offered as part of the VP purchase, they may only work with *that* version. You should be able to partially answer that question by trying to use the VP14 add-on in VP17. If that works, it will *probably* work in 18. If it doesn't, it mostly likely won't work in 18.

and "VV?" What is "VV?"

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GaryAshorn wrote on 9/10/2020, 9:33 AM

Yes, all the items I am referring to are the ones that came with the packaged up items. That is what I was wondering, how specific some of these additional items that came with say earlier versions back to maybe vegas 14. I just updated my version 17 build. I will "play" with some older extras and see. As for the VV, throw back to old years about Vegas Video and shortened to VV. I have had Vegas since version 2 and have every version since then backed up. I originally ran FAST Video Machine for years in the 90s and then moved to Vegas as FAST went out of business.

So, I assume Sound Forge 14 I have is the same as the one included in the Vegas 18 and no need to reinstall. thanks for the info.

set wrote on 9/10/2020, 9:37 AM

Probably 'VV' = 'Vegas Video', and it's the early name for video-capable editing of Vegas, before going to 'VEGAS' only and 'VEGAS Pro' nowadays.

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jetdv wrote on 9/10/2020, 11:29 AM

Uninstalling any version of Vegas should not affect any 3rd party products that are installed.

GaryAshorn wrote on 9/10/2020, 6:20 PM

uninstalling a previous version of Vegas I agree should not affect the other installed add ons. I will install Vegas 18 and run it as the bugs get worked out and check if it found other add ons and have them accessible. Trying to clean up my old machine. suspect next year I will be getting a new one. wife needs a new one first though. thanks