SHTUNOT wrote on 10/7/2002, 11:47 AM
Thanks sofo!
spydakb wrote on 10/7/2002, 11:49 AM
Thank you...thank you....thank you...!!!!!!

- KB
SHTUNOT wrote on 10/7/2002, 12:01 PM
Quick question...Will I be able to burn a "data" cd using CDA? For storage purposes of course. Or will I still need to use easy cd creator?
Ted_H wrote on 10/7/2002, 12:36 PM
You'll still need something else for data.

shaunn wrote on 10/7/2002, 1:04 PM
Hi Ted,
Just want to know what are the difference of CDA 5.0 and VV3 DAO capabilities? what does CDA has to offer more? just curious...

Geoff_Wood wrote on 10/7/2002, 2:31 PM
Available when (i have my card in my hand and my finger on the keyboard ready to order !!!) Please some news on the SF website too.

I'm so excited I could .....
Ted_H wrote on 10/7/2002, 2:53 PM
what are the difference of CDA 5.0 and VV3 DAO capabilities?

The feature set isn't finalized just yet. I'll post more when I can.

SonicRJH wrote on 10/7/2002, 2:53 PM
Besides CD Architect 5.0 being a standalone Red Book application with a new UI, the following are some of the new features in CDA5 not in VV3:

- Smart track reordering
- Playlist/Tracklist
- Buffer underrun protection
- CD emulation mode
- Image file rendering
- DirectX event effects
- PQ list printing
- Pause time indication when dragging tracks
- User interface enhancements
MacMoney wrote on 10/7/2002, 4:29 PM
Wow!!! Thank You Sonic Foundry

Ron Jones
ramallo wrote on 10/7/2002, 5:18 PM

Any new about upgrade for CD Architect 4 owners?.


YellowSmileY wrote on 10/7/2002, 7:49 PM
This has got to be THE BEST decision SF made in a long time!! It’s going 2 make SOOO MANY customers happy again, just like me.

I commend everyone at SF for this excellent decision and want them to know that this will once again turn me into a loyal and satisfied customer.

THANKS and keep up the great work!!
Ted_H wrote on 10/8/2002, 11:28 AM
There will be upgrade pricing available for CD Architect 4.0 users. I'll post info on pricing when I get it.

Fats wrote on 10/8/2002, 11:39 AM
I hope this doesn't mean that Sofo is going to quit adding to the DAO feature set in Vegas, since it was the whole reason I upgraded to version 3.0. I'd really like to see some of these enhancements in Vegas, since I find some of the DAO features a bit clunky compared to my old copy of CDA (which I still use often, BTW).

As a VV3 user, I'm not about to shell out a couple more C-notes just to get the one or two new features I'd like (mostly the CD emulation mode).

Just $.02 from someone who's already kicked a lotta coin into your coffers.
John_Logan wrote on 10/8/2002, 12:42 PM
Well I'll Be dipped in **** it's about time! Hopefully the use of drives with burnproof technology will be supported. It sure will be nice not having to use any workarounds to use cd architect. I can't wait to test the new beta of cd architect. I wouldn't mind being among the first. With my nice high speed connection they could send me the beta. Hint, Hint. I doubt that this product will do much for their stock price but it sure will make the cd architect community happy.
inspector wrote on 10/8/2002, 3:33 PM
Any deals for users of other SF products?

Ted_H wrote on 10/8/2002, 4:11 PM
As soon as I am able to, I will post all pricing information here.

Geoff_Wood wrote on 10/8/2002, 4:35 PM
Hey Fats, I have VV3 and prefer by far to use CD-A 4 still.

I guess with the plugins (will they be 'per event' ?!?) CD-A 5 becomes a full mastering application.
Jamz wrote on 10/8/2002, 8:55 PM
Will it do CD-Text?
kryten wrote on 10/9/2002, 1:00 AM
I hope so! See the following link at Philips about the Red Book format (see page 5):
SonyDennis wrote on 10/10/2002, 1:29 PM
"plugins -- will they be 'per event'?"

Yes, a chain per event, with tails, and a chain on the master.

SonyDennis wrote on 10/10/2002, 1:35 PM
"Will it do CD-Text?"

Sorry, not in this version, but we know there is a demand for CD-TEXT and we hope to add it in a future version.

SonyDennis wrote on 10/10/2002, 1:35 PM

Your link did not work for me, what was it you were trying to point out?

kryten wrote on 10/10/2002, 5:33 PM
Not that matters answered the question already. It's a PDF file with some of the Red Book specs and that CD-TEXT is one of them (this is actually a pricing sheet, but has info on what color book covers what). I didn't think it was part of the original Red Book, so I went to Philips and saw this. It was added later, but is now officially Red Book.
VU-1 wrote on 10/10/2002, 10:09 PM
I can think of one thing that VV3 can do that CDA-4 cannot (and that would make CDA-5 an incredible deal)....

VV3 can do a DAO burn (and a TAO burn) directly from a hi-res .wav file (ie: 96/24, or whatever). No need to convert first. The bad thing now about working in VV3 or SF6 is that you have to convert down to 44/16 before you can use CDA-4. It would be AWESOME of CDA-5 would support hi-res files and then convert them on the fly as it does the burn (hint, hint SoFo!!!).

Another cool feature would be to add a second stereo track so that crossfading could be done a little easier.

Jeff Lowes
On-Track Recording